Butsu: How A Young Designer Is Set To Launch A Global Shoe Brand

There are people who buy shoes, and those who create their own. Why settle for something pre-made when you can create your own custom made brand that fits your taste? This is Patrick’s philosophy, a young designer who took it upon himself to launch his own shoe brand and take it global.

For souls in pursuit of their dreams, willing to break down barriers and conquer their fears to reach them. – Butsu

Butsu is a youth driven brand that, much like Nike, is all about the “Do It” philosophy. A Brand that expresses freedom and stands for possibilities. The very soul of the shoe brand originates in the exceptional journey of the designer, Patrick Chakauya. A bright young student from Harare, Zimbabwe, Patrick beat all odds and decided to build his own success from the ground up. Hustling and excelling throughout high school, Patrick managed to attend the prestigious boarding school United World College before joining Middlebury College. Where some saw a young African with no prospects to succeed, Patrick saw in himself a bright entrepreneur with limitless potential. Whether it is excelling academically or launching his own brand, Patrick doesn’t settle for average, and sure doesn’t believe in the impossible.

For Patrick to jumpstart his business, he needs first to sell 7 pairs before his shoe line goes into mass production. Can we rely on you to make that happen? Shop now!

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Butsu, much like Patrick, is an embodiment of limitlessness and possibilities. A brand for dreamers and hustlers who are out there to create their own luck and their own opportunities instead of waiting for them.

I believe that art is commentary on life. I am an independent artist and designer hailing from Zimbabwe but based in the USA. I aim to create beautiful commentary that provokes people to think and hopefully to act in a positive way. I am also an Architecture student in college who hopes to one day contribute my ideas to the practice. – Patrick

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