Buy Buy Buy: Microsoft Takes On Minecraft In A $2.5B Deal

It just seems that the series of acquisitions and takeovers are not going to end anytime soon. Billion dollar deals in the tech industry are raging, and anyone with extra bucks or looking for growth doesn’t think twice before throwing in 9 or 10 figures to get the hottest startup or company out there.

Microsoft made news this time when it revealed plans to buy Mojang AB, the software company behind the popular game Minecraft, for $2.5 billion.

The Minecraft makers will join the gaming division at Microsoft, bringing in more juice to boost the thriving gaming momentum Microsoft has been picking up for the past few years with its hit console Xbox. Microsoft also targeted Minecraft as a possible solution to win over the mobile gaming user segment and drive more people to adopt its mobile devices and operating system.

It’s worth noting that Minecraft has been a sensational game among people of all ages. It pretty much allowed you to play with Lego pieces, build brick constructions and extend your online empire by taking on rivals. Real life constructions, and sometimes entire cities and neighborhoods, were replicated in Minecraft.

Whether the $2.5 billion deal was worth it for Microsoft, no one can say as these acquisitions are never predictable in terms of results and long term returns, but one thing is for sure, Mojang AB will bring some new energy to Microsoft and will bolster creativity inside a corporation some believe has become too big and too traditional to think like a thriving startup.

Photo Credit: vg247