Canadians React To Terrorist Attacks In The Most Beautiful Way

Canada has been struck by a barbarian terrorist attack this month when someone shot a canadian soldier before attacking the parliament. The terrorist was shot down at last by a sergeant at arm in the parliament building, ending a horrific catastrophe before it took even larger proportions.

While some stereotypical media outlets tried to blame the incident on muslims and Islam in general (noting that the attacker was a muslim convert), Canadians didn’t fall for the Islamophobic rant and decided to respond in the most human way.

Two social experiments attempted to gauge how Canadians would respond to muslims, one by having an islamophobe verbally attack a muslim in a bus station, and the other featuring two little girls holding a sign “Hug A Terrorist” in an attempt to portray how muslims are being falsely labelled as terrorists just because of their religion.

Canada may have been famous for Tim Hortons or Justin Bieber, but what Canadians should really be celebrated for is their openness and understanding, and their support for justice and fight against xenophobia in all its forms even in the most difficult times.

Thanks Canada!

Check the two videos below by Omar Albach:



Photo Credit: Al Arabiya