Romance Tips: 5 Perfect Road Trip Cars for Couples

There isn’t anything better than a road trip, is there? Packing up the car with a loved one; music blasting out of the stereo and wind blowing in your hair as you set off on the open road to discover…

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How to Plan the Perfect Halloween Proposal

If you’re feeling spooked at the prospect of planning the perfect Halloween proposal, then here are few ideas to get you started… Pick out a ring The best diamond stores are the specialists online, where you can custom create a…


Dating Advice: How To Make Your Relationships Work

Building long-lasting relationships is not that easy, and you know exactly why. Starting from finding a right partner and up to forming a proper emotional bond, you need to go through a great variety of phases and stages to achieve…

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First Date with a Russian Girl: Making a Good First Impression

You must have already been to numerous first dates, haven’t you? It is always a surprise, both for you and for her. You may feel nervous and experience a lack of self-esteem; you may sometimes overreact or say something stupid….


You Have Been Warned: Relationships to Steer Clear of

The business of falling in love and finding someone to settle down with is not always an easy one. It’s likely that you’ll date plenty of different people and have a number of relationships of different lengths before you find…


Relationship Tips: Impress Your Woman by Observing and Acknowledging Her Efforts

Women often complain about men’s inattentiveness to their appearance. A classic example is when a woman comes home with a new hairdo but her man doesn’t notice anything or refrains from any comments. Women pay much attention to their appearance…

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Members-only Capital Club Dubai Opens its Doors to the Community for Valentine’s Day

Members and guests of Dubai’s Premier Private City Club to enjoy exclusively prepared four-course menu, accompanied by the sounds of popular jazz group – the Tarek Yamani Trio As the romantic spirit is once more set to sweep over the…

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day: Blow Her Away at Palazzo Versace Dubai This February

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well –  Virginia Woolf Those longing for luxury this Valentine’s Day would do well not to look any further than Dubai’s prestigious Palazzo Versace. Envisioned and created…


Probability of Finding a Suitable Partner at Bocconi as an Undergraduate Student

Why use statistics and probabilities to calculate the likelihood of a meteor shower on Planet A3D45 in a Galaxy 300,000 light years away, when we could be using scientific methodologies to determine things that matter most to us, namely: relationships….


Relationship Tips: 7 Reasons Your Partner Should Be Your Best Friend

I think a big issue with relationships these days is that people (particularly men) separate the idea of a relationship from the idea of a friendship. That being said – I have my own thoughts and opinions on the concept…


Having Trouble with Dating? Here’s Why No One Knows What They’re Doing Anymore

Here we are, in the 21st century. Gen-X’ers, Millenials, Gen-Whatever’ers are having a hard enough time as it is navigating massive student loan debts, high rents, and a difficult job market. To add the icing on the cake, they are…


Having A Rough Time? Relationships Are Not Easy, But They Are Worth It

I feel as though a lot of people who read my articles are under the impression that I am suggesting eventually someone is going to come into their life and every puzzle piece will simply pop into place. Doves will…


Simple Tricks to Keep the Spark Alive in a Relationship

The world is so busy and there are so many things competing for your attention every day that it can be difficult to stop and recognize what really matters, the people you love. It’s important to take the time to…


Pintsized Fashionista: Twin sisters Lailli & Alizey Mirza Take Fashion and Luxury To A Whole New Level

Fashion and Luxury make for a great combo, especially when you’re told about how to style yourself in class by twins who know all too well what it takes to flash a killer look! The twins in question, Lailli & Alizey…


7 Reasons You Should Never Marry A Girl Until You’ve Traveled With Her

I’m sitting down to my computer for the first time in over a week after returning from an amazing destination wedding, which we extended into a vacation as well. We visited Playa Del Carmen on the Riviera Maya strip of the…


Why It Took You Finding Someone New For Me To Finally Get Over You

Well, sh*t, looks like you found someone new. The first thought that came to mind when you walked in with her to the same restaurant was why did you get to find someone first? Didn’t you break my heart into a…


The Science Behind The Chemistry: This Is What Actually Happens To Your Brain When You Fall In Love

When you fall in the love, everything changes: The days seem a little brighter, your smile looks a little wider and everything feels fresh, new and beautiful. And, apparently, there are changes going on inside your brain, too. Frontiers in…


10 Tiny Things In A Relationship That Are Literally A Big Deal

There is an important distinction to be made in relationships between people who pay attention to detail, and people who don’t. The first type are people who don’t usually go all-out on the big things like extravagant gifts or getaways for…


New Low For Fox News: Women Earn Less Because They Are Less Ambitious (Video)

It’s not like we needed a new excuse to think that Fox News is the pinnacle of biased and below-par news, but among the intermittent racist inclines and misogynistic comments, sometimes you just can’t help but stare in awe at…


8 Lame Excuses Used To Justify Cheating In A Relationship

A friend of mine recently tagged me in a comment on Facebook under an article that was discussing a new dating site that caters to ‘swingers, polyamorous couples, and ethical cheaters.’ Ethical cheaters? The first thought I had, which I’m sure many…