Choosing an OSHA Compliant Medical Kit For Your Business

Safety, Safety, Safety

The watchword for any business is safety. Everyone should be cautious about having a safe working environment where others do not have to skip over dangerous things on the floor, walking around chemicals unswept or mopped, toxic chemicals in the office space, etc. The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict rules for working areas where people work. OSHA regulation 1910.151(a-c) regulates every place where workers are required to have both a person who can render immediate attention to an injured person as a medical kit to make that first responder assistance to administer medical help until emergency help arrives.

Medically Ready for Accidents

If you have a business, there is a need to have a medical kit nearby in the case of an accident to you or an employee. Medical equipment should be located in a socially accessible area and easy to reach for all employees. First, if someone is hurt in your office, you want to be there for them in the case there are no responders when they call for help. Perhaps everyone has left the office and you are left with the one employee who falls, cuts herself, or they are electrocuted. There are many reasons to have a medical kit handy for these reasons. Secondly, if the person is bleeding profusely, you will save their life by having gauze, tape, scissors, aspirin, band-aids, and sedatives. Office accidents do not happen every day, but caution should always be taken to be ready to help any employee (or boss) who needs help. A medical kit can be ordered from any medical supply store online that specializes in OSHA medical kits for business use.

Below is a list of essential medical kit supplies. Like this one kit, your kit should be OSHA compliant if possible. It is not necessary to have a fancy bag, but something that will allow any employee to identify it from any regular handbag.

  • Adhesive tape-for keeping bandages tight
  • Antiseptics-to keep cuts clean
  • Blood clotting-to stop the flow of blood
  • Burn care-for serious burns
  • Eye care-to clean chemical sprays from eyes
  • First-aid guides-DIY medical Care
  • Gauze-to cover wounds
  • Gloves-to keep hands free of infectious fluids
  • Wound closures-to provide wound closure until the emergency team arrives

Seeking Medical Education

The medical field is a growing business today. It is growing because more people require medical attention in so many different ways daily. Everything from assisting in childbirth to long-term health care is performed in medical centers around the world. Those medical centers need all kinds of medical practitioners like anaesthesiologists, x-ray technicians, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, doctors, surgeons, and many more. Universities across the country and the world are filled with expert teachers who prepare undergraduate students for many medical professions until they apply and are accepted in the medical profession of their choice. 

Any medical science is going to have its own requirement to qualify for its practice. It is up to the university and the medical colleges and places where medical students do their interns to judge the worthiness of students to go on and serve the general public as medical practitioners.

Keeping A Medical Kit Close at Hand

A medical kit is necessary to have whether you are at home, school, or at work. There is one other piece of medical equipment which doesn’t come standard, but perhaps maybe in the future. We are referring to the medical equipment for those who are traveling abroad. Traveling medical equipment could be helpful in a car in the case someone is injured or passing by a person who has been injured on the road. Also, business persons who travel by car, plane, bus, or ship are not required to have a medical kit, but it is highly recommended to have one in case an accident occurs. Speaking generally and with great caution, a person who is traveling in the backwoods or to a remote area should always have a medical kit attached or carried in their backpacks and gear. Being in a remote place where medical attention is at least an hour away or more by helicopter can prove to be fatal in circumstances where medical care is vital at the moment.

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