Clocking Out? 5 Reasons To Stick To The Job You Hate

1. Social Skills

I’ll be honest; talking to complete strangers is one of the most uncomfortable tasks, I hate it. With that being said, if you’re working in a coffee shop or a retail store, interpersonal skills is a must. Being in such environments simply forces you to pay attention to customers and pushes you to acknowledge them and expand your comfort zone. Prepare to greet politely, compliment, listen and establish a sense of connectivity which, believe it or not, will open up very personal responses and will encourage them to buy a certain product even more.

2. Professional Work Ethic

Work Ethic? Come on, it’s a retail store… Let’s face it, the job might not require your full potential, making it a fairly easy job, discouraging you to put up your best effort. You probably don’t even see any greater or long term meaning in what you’re doing and therefore you simply don’t give two shits about it. Drop that, don’t fall into the same mainstream “hate my job” crap. You are there – make use of the time and embrace your responsibilities.

 3. Self-Confidence

It’s true, you see, not only are you supposed to dress the part, you also have to be comfortable with who you are as you address and approach strangers. Expect yourself to talk to someone you know absolutely nothing about, trying to sell a shirt you have no idea whether they like or dislike. It’s a gamble that grows you a pair.

Now considering that the majority of your co-workers are a part of the “cool group”, you have to try to infiltrate it to become a part of the gang. It’s not only about getting along with them, but becoming acquaintance with them, establishing some kind of friendship.

4. Responsibility

Just because it’s a “retail job” doesn’t mean there are no responsibilities. Make use of this time, this “kill-me” time, to practice taking responsibility for essential parts of the business, in that way, you’ll know what to do when you switch up to one of your more desirable jobs.

And at the end of the day, you’re still waiting to get paid, so don’t screw it up.

5. Time Management

Something that just gets harder and harder to handle as you grow older is time. It becomes this very scarce thing you almost never have. Because you see not only do you have to manage your time at the workplace, you also have be able to structure and discipline it to fulfill other “To.Do.List” tasks. Got a report due next Monday, better manage your time. An essay due tomorrow, plan ahead to get it done.

Understand that it’s imperative to balance your time among your leisure, your pleasure and your future.

Picture Credit: Fox/The Simpsons
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