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Developers and Designers: Let’s Give a Toast to Entrepreneurship!

Global Startup Battle is going on all over the world, with startup enthusiasts, developers, and designers fighting for the realization of ideas like never before. Of course, Dubai is having it’s fair share, too.

The theme “Your City. Your Idea. Your Future.” is calling for the 3 most innovative weekends yet, and people who are ready to turn their visions into reality. Over 250 cities are competing in the 6th year of the event, and Dubai is promising to host its most successful one ever. The organizing team, comprised of 7 startup enthusiasts has not just put together a unique schedule, but also gathered an impossible-to-reach set of judges and mentors. Rami Baassiri, who has also already been part of the organizers last year, says…

Having witnessed a couple of Startup Weekends across the world, I can proudly say that the one in Dubai usually brings up the best mix of people, which results in striving business relationships. It’s a place where world-class developers find driven business minds and mingle with innovative designers. A place where it doesn’t matter whether you’re best in C++, Ruby, or HTML, because your skills are needed everywhere!

In a bit more detail, you will not just get a crash course in startups, valuable feedback and mentoring, but also be able to hone your presentation skills and a chance to be featured in regional publications (like this one 😉 ).

And even if you don’t end up with your next startup after these 54 hours, you will join the league of over 22 000 inspired game-changers and a whole lot of new opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Do you really want to miss your next big shot?

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