Does Arbonne Shake Work?

What is Arbonne Shake?

Arbonne Shake is a vegan friendly meal replacement shake that claims to be clinically tested and filled with healthy fats with a low glycemic index. It comes in two flavors and can be mixed with water. The company behind the shake claims that their protein powder has a number of health benefits, but it’s worth knowing if it can really deliver on these promises. That’s why we put together this Arbonne shake review.

Arbonne Shake Ingredients:

One of the first things you’ll notice about the ingredients of Arbonne shake is that it includes what is called the “Inner G-Plex”. This is a combination of different ingredients including:

Coenzyme Q10: This is a known source of energy in the body, but how effective it is as an additive is unknown. It’s not approved by the FDA at least.

Alfalfa Leaf Powder: The FDA say that this herb is often contaminated and is unfit for people who have a weakened immune system. There are also plenty of pesticide-resistant GMP alfalfa herbs on the market.

Kelp Powder: Kelp powder is typically used by vegans and vegetarians to get important nutrients.

Ginseng Root Powder: Too much ginseng can result in Ginseng Abuse Syndrome which increases blood pressure, causes confusion, and has other symptoms attached to it.

Arbonne Shake Nutritional Information

Arbonne shakes are high in sugar, which can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity, though the website claims it won’t have much of an effect on blood sugar. Even so an average sized women is supposed to get no more than 24 grams of sugar a day, while Arbonne has 9 grams per serving, which is a lot.

It also has more calories than your average meal replacement shake, so you need to work harder in terms of exercise. Try to find a low calorie meal replacement shake to improve your chances of losing weight.

Arbonne Shakes Protein

Each serving of Arbonne Shake contains 20 grams of the ARbonne Protein Matrix blend, made up of three key proteins; pea protein isolate, cranberry protein, and rice protein. While these proteins are vegan friendly there’s not enough research into their effectiveness. They can also be dangerous in high doses and cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other health problems.

It’s been formulated to compete with other protein blends that have more amino acids but not enough research has been done into cranberry protein, but it is known to contain less protein than other protein sources. Rice and pea proteins are added to cover for the lack of amino acids in each ingredient.

There are better quality proteins out there that don’t increase the risk of inflammation and other digestive issues. 20 grams might sound like a lot of protein but you also need to look at how many amino acids there are in that protein. Arbonne shakes doesn’t list the amount of amino acids; suggesting it’s not that impressive.


Thee speciality meal replacements exist because of their use of plant proteins as opposed to dairy proteins. When we looked at the Arbonne shake we came to the following conclusions:

  • There’s not enough information on the quality of the proteins. 

Given that the shake contains three different kinds of vegan protein there’s no guarantee that you’ll get plenty of amino acids. The quality of these proteins is also unknown as cranberry protein hasn’t been studied enough and the other two proteins are associated with health problems.

  • There’s too much sugar

Arbonne can claim it’s not a problem all they want but you get 18 grams of sugar with the two servings a day, which is about 4 and a half teaspoons of sugar. Too much sugar increases obesity, diabetes risk, dental cavities, and can also make the shakes addicting. It’s also directly against the claim that the shake won’t increase blood sugar levels.

  • The ingredients can cause side effects

Some of the ingredients in the shakes can cause health problems and side effects such as digestive issues and stomach pains. It also contains additives of dubious qualities including precious metals that can cause poisoning and even internal organ damage.

  • They don’t back up their claims

Arbonne make a lot of claims but they never back them up. They claim that the product contains all the amino acids but they offer no exact amounts. This is likely because the product actually has a very small profile of amino acids.

  • Customers are unhappy with the quality and taste

Many reviews of Arbonne shakes online criticise the product for the taste and quality. Some people are also unhappy with the additives and irritants included in the list of ingredients and say they found the shake difficult to swallow.

While the Arbonne shake does have 20 grams of protein, it doesn’t have a good amino acid profile. It is also high in sugar despite the claims that it doesn’t negatively affect blood sugar levels. There are better weight loss solutions out there.

Photo Credit: Arbonne