Politics has never been this interesting or entertaining since Ronald Reagan, and judging from the growing interest in the presidential race and the plethora of candidates that would make any news channel salivate lining up the GOP field, we can’t help but admire whoever made this possible. Love it or hate it, Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to US politics in a long while, and if you set aside your predispositions to discard him as a joke, you may be able to understand why.

Donald Trump is probably the first politician to do away with political correctness and when the guy says something, you know well he means every word of it. Now that might be a disaster as much as a blessing, but the ability to speak one’s mind and avoid painting one’s life as a saint allows the electorate to know exactly what they’re getting, and that’s something rare these days. The issue with US politics is that politicians run on political platforms that vow to end the country’s woes, only to bow down to special interests once they step into the Oval Office. Whether it is a Bush or a Clinton, chances are, you’re getting neither, but a puppet who’d pursue legislation that would make it easy for Wall Street, the 1% or whatever you want to call it, to thrive on tax payer money. The Donald, thanks to his personal financing, needs not to listen to Super Pacs or lobbying firms because he’s just too rich to give a damn and too honest to play games.

I personally find people like Donald Trump, whose ego is the size of Antarctica and whose pockets are deeper than the Pacific, fit to shake things up in Washington and disrupt the political establishment as we know it. I know all too well how frustrating, convoluted and inefficient politics can be on the Hill, and from my work in DC with a political fundraising and lobbying firm, I am certain that an individual who disregards private interests and political money can be a wrecking ball that would leave Washington upside down.

When an establishment or a corporation has been operating below par for decades, enacting radical change is what’s needed. The U.S. Is a machine that’s run by a 20th century mechanism, a dysfunctional country where politics has killed any sense of competitiveness and growth. Big government, inefficient welfare system, stalling business acumen and a bunch of politicians who fight for reelection and money pouring in from K street, that’s the state of affair in the former land of opportunities. You see the point: The Donald, and other sharp business tycoons should now more than ever take over this dying establishment and build it from the ground up. Bring in the big guns, the Mark Cubans and Elon Musks who can run the country better than any other political puppet.

Donald Trump is a true blessing for the U.S., and the extreme panic taking the current establishment by storm is an indicator that those cosy in congress and the senate are afraid for their privileges and seats because change is finally nearing. Tear the whole thing down and let Trump fix the mess, that’s what’s going to push the U.S. in the right direction.

And for those who see the guy as a joke, please show us how you went in to build a multibillion dollar empire, how you wrote some of the bet selling books in history, how you made from yourself a celebrity, how you’re running for president and how you’ve been topping the polls around the country. It’s easy to point fingers, but few are the ones who go through hell and ridicule to achieve greatness.

Trump is not ideal yes, but he’s the bitter pill that everyone needs to swallow in order to bring the country to its lost global stature. True problem solvers are not the fruit of political initiation, true problem solvers are the men and women who’ve got their hands dirty and have a track record of achievements to show.

Let Donald Trump make America great again!

Photo Credit: Yahoo News