Don’t Chase The Money, Let The Money Chase You: Why Money Should Only Be A Bonus And Not A Goal

Obviously, whether you want to accept it or not, we´re all working for the same reason, we´re all busting our asses for the only thing that makes it possible for us to live another day, money. We “unconsciously” get pulled to larger wages, bigger checks, greater bonuses and why? Because that other job opportunity (with a significantly higher salary) had a more “eco-friendly” manufacturing policy? Yeah, I don’t buy it.

But you see, it comes down to a point where we become so damn blinded by the that sensual smell of green, money, chasing it down and doing everything in your power just to get it, that we forget how to do what we are best at. You start finding shortcuts, loopholes and a bunch of other ways to get to those “Gucci buying” Benjamin’s ASAP. My advice to you is stop.

Lets flip this around and perceive it from another perspective. You ever notice when a man or woman plays “hard to get”. When you feel like the more you try and push, the further they get. Money is just like any other relationship, like any other man, any other woman – they need that slow, long-termed and humble approach that’ll hit that perfect balance. That perfect balance that´ll, slowly but surly, role them in.

As a matter of fact, chasing money, establishing capital as the goal of your venture will only result in two things, either: you´ll get and stay on the hamster wheel…the freaking rat race. You spin your wheels and chase that money and end up stuck and frustrated…and most likely without as much money as you hoped. Your passion and fulfillment – light years away. Or you chase the money and you get it…but you traded your health, and your soul for it. You realize that your cash flow doesn’t reflect your happiness or the way your truly thriving. Your passion and fulfillment light years away.

There is another choice however. Chase your dreams. Chase the things in life that light you up the most. Now I now what your thinking;”What imaginary world do you live in, you can’t make money off of those things.” Well thats bullshit! Steve Spielberg, Tony Bennett, Bill Gates, Elon Musk – and the list goes on and on. They all had visions of what lire them up and chased after them with abandon. They made their dreams a reality and it just so happens they all get paid quite well for it.
You see…the truth is, the only way to be highly paid is to become outstanding at what you do. And the only way to become outstanding at anything is to have massive passion.

You and the rest of the world deserve the crazy dreamer version of you. Not the wanna be trying to fit in and “get by” version. Lord knows we got too much of that guy and he ain’t inspiring nobody…and definitely not doing himself any favors.

You were lucky enough to get a ticket to the greatest show on earth. Don’t end up the guy sweeping up peanut shells. Be the star. Go forth, be great.

Picture Credit: Wolf Of Wall Street

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