Don’t Just Think Outside The Box; Act Outside The Box

We live in a fast paced, get it now kind of society. The world is changing right beneath our finger tips. We can “like” a post made by someone we’ve never met. “Tweet” a picture to the entire world and create “vines” to be humorous. Humans today adapt and re-adapt every time an upgrade is issued. We are conditioned to change for convenience sake. We are locked into a world of stimuli and response. Our affective domains are tainted by our lack of cognitive resolve to carry out the psycho-motor of our minds.

Youths today need to throw off these designated roles as appropriated by society,

Here are five ways to not be boxed in:

Number 1

Realize that no matter the shape or size of the box, a box is still a box. From you’re contained you’re controlled.

How to free yourself…


Make a decided effort to think about your own life, goals, and dreams. What do you want for yourself? How can you achieve it? Then create that trajectory to get from point A to point B.

Number 2


So you’ve realized your current situation isn’t where you want to be. You’ve created your trajectory on getting to where you want to be. Now what?

Do it!

Get up, shuffle around and ramble like a fool if you must, but you MUST act. You must do what needs to be done to kill the like mindedness that restrains.

Number 3

Now the string’s cut, you’re loose. You’re your own person, right? Not just yet. Picture this…

Curtains go up. It’s time for the show. The actors come out and start performing. The script writer who is leading the actions drops dead. Everything pauses. The lights assume the role of interrogator now: glaring. The actors still, stiff, slowly walking off stage purposeless. Useless: unaware of what to do next to facilitate their roles.

Ever felt like that? I bet at one point or another in your life you probably have. Here’s the remedy… when it seems like the script you planned has fallen short or that you’ve forgotten the words— freestyle. Run a ‘cypher’ and cyclically bring yourself back from the abyss of fear.

Number 4

Open the door.

Open yourself up to the possibility of change. Now as corny as it sounds, it’s often this one little step that sets us back. We realize our limitations, i.e., the box, we decide where we want to go and we start the action process of getting there, but we fail to factor in that now, we have actually got to do things differently.

What’s the point of getting ready if you don’t leave?

Number 5

Drive off into the sunset. Wait nope. Jump off the cliff. Hold up. Skydive. Bungee jump. Play ball. Crash your car. Smash a mirror. Break all the rules. Reinvent consequence.

At the end of the day from you think it, it’s real. Creation is up to you. Inspiration and motivation are interlinked to your DNA. It’s that drive to be better than the best person you know. That drive that says hey, come and get it.

The minute you’re thinking, you’re already outside the box.

Picture Credit: Flickr