Why You Don’t Need A New Year Resolution!

It’s the beginning of a New Year and many people have for many years tried to come up with New Year’s resolutions.  I’m not sure what that’s about really, because we all have the opportunity to change every day and not just once a year.  So in honor of not making New Year’s resolutions I wanted to share with you ways you can stop being a wossy and stop setting goals just set to fail at, lower your standards, or not reach them at all. I’m extremely passionate about getting results, but extremely irritated by the mass amounts of people that put minimal to no time, effort, or energy into getting what they truly want out of life. And, yet they still expect or are angry with those who drive expensive cars, have incredible households, are extremely successful, passionately in love, have a great careers or that simple are happy every single day.

If you want it all you have to work for it

There is nothing easy about being successful. Waking up early, staying up late, busting your ass of at what ever you have to do just to make it work; these are things you should do every single day. Disciplining yourself to 90-minute periods of working on one task at a time, and staying focused are habits you master and once you do, you´ll be asking yourself what you´ve been doing all this time. Connecting, building, developing, and creating relationships are also a must, not once in a while, or when you feel like it, but every day. Making phone calls, knocking on doors, sending e-mails, making social media posts, sharing your passion, work, and commitment to growth are not options, but absolute necessities.  You can’t do nothing and expect to do have it all; you have to work for it!

If you want it all you have to sacrifice it all

If it was easy, everyone would have the level of love, success, and happiness they desire, but that’s not the case. There are an insane amount of sacrifices you have to give up. We´re talking about everything from emotional and mental sacrifices to materialistic sacrifices. Opportunity cost is the word I’m looking for, but slightly re-defined. To gain success and have everything you ever dreamt of you’ll have to give up personal luxuries and step out of your comfort zone.

Want to have the body of your dreams?

Then you have to give up 60-90 minutes of your day at least five times a week to work out. This includes no junk food, no eating out, nothing that doesn’t benefit your body. In exchange for giving those things up you´ll have to eat fresh, drink a bunch of water, absorb essential supplements and be consciously aware of what you put in your body. It isn’t easy and it doesn’t come cheap! Think of your stomach as a garbage bag, it´ll take in whatever you throw in, so make sure you´ll throw in the right things.

Want to have the career of your dreams?

Then you´ll have to make sacrifices. There will be family events, your daughter’s concerts, soccer games, and school meetings you won’t make it to.  There´ll be parties you won’t be celebrating, friends you won’t see, family you’ll have to separate yourself from, long hours, and lonely nights at the office.  There will be meetings, deadlines, conference calls, flights, business trips, investments in business overhead and coaching, events, books, journaling, and the list just keeps on going. It isn’t easy and it doesn’t come cheap!

Want to have financial freedom and abundance?

Then you have to give up buying shit you don’t need, need to stop investing in things that don’t bring anything in return and stop living by pay check per paycheck. Building wealth is about financially educating yourself and securing your money in assets that grow on a consistent basis over time.  To build wealth you have to give up your money so it can grow.  Give up your time to educate yourself on the different investment options.  Devote all your effort and energy into choosing investments for your portfolio that work for what you want in life.  And, in doing all of that you will learn it takes strength not to touch the money, endurance to allow for growth and faith that it will bring a return. Again, it isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap!

Want your happily ever after?

Then you have to commit. No time nor distance can separate you if you are truly committed to making it work.  No sacrifice is too big or too small.  You will have to give up spending time with your friends, playing video games or whatever you do to spend the time needed with your partner. And, start making major investments in learning about your partner while supporting their goals, hopes, and dreams as you pursue your own.  You will learn to communicate, appreciate, and invest.  You will learn to listen, trust, respect and honor different viewpoints and opinions and most importantly, you´ll learn that it isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap.

Are you excited yet? I didn’t think so. But, it gets better.

If you want it all you have to be ruthless, relentless, and passionately to go after it. 

You will hear NO thousands of times. You´ll hear “you can’t do it, shouldn’t do it, don’t know how to, can’t afford to, aren’t willing to do it, etc…” The only person that can commit to your success is you. If you want it all, know that every excuse, reason why, temporary setback and current situation won’t stand in your way if you don’t let it.  The choice is and will always be yours.

The most successful people embrace three things; rawness, realness, and relevantness and are always willing to do whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes to get what they want. As you sit down and plan 2014 and make resolutions, declarations, decisions, disciplines or whatever you’re calling them, I challenge you to declare GROWTH. I mean lets face it, no one sits down to plan that they will make less money than last year, have problems in their relationships, gain more weight, loose their job or any other temporary setback that we may be challenged with. While you should be focused on the positives there will be challenges and during those challenging times, grow, become, and be all that you were born to be. I’ve had many temporary setbacks last year and I know there will be more this year BUT here’s the bottom line, COMMIT to doing whatever it takes. COMMIT to love. COMMIT to your relationships. COMMIT to growth. COMMIT to working out, eating clean, and being healthy. COMMIT! COMMIT! COMMIT! That’s the only difference between success and failure. MASSIVE COMMITMENT, MASSIVE ACTION, MASSIVE GROWTH.  Here’s to your Love, Success & Happiness!

Photo Credit: Tumblr.