The Do’s and Don’t’s of Summer Fashion!

Every season I wait excitedly for all the trends that appear on the streets, on the mannequins, and on the pages of my (multiple) prized fashion magazines. And every season I find a trend that changes my life, either for the better, or by blinding me forever.

There comes a certain amount of frustration with new trends, either because they aren’t realistic outside of the runway, or as our fashion-savvy friends would call them, they are too “couture”, because they look amazing, only (emphasis on only) when worn by airbrushed-looking models, because they are so beautiful we could CRY, or simply because we want to scream out at the horrendous crime against our eyes that the trendsetters just committed.  Paraphrasing from Monica Geller, “The person who set this trend HATES EYES and wants to see them DIE.”

Now, to each his or her own, but seeing as the frustration is killing me, I mean shops don’t allow me to kiss (or hug for that matter) whatever I find beautiful and people don’t appreciate me screaming, “My eyes! My eyes!” (Pheobe style) whenever I see something I do not like, it is healthy to find an outlet for your frustrations. And so I will.


Espadrilles — I love these. I mean I am truly, head over heels in love with them. Why? Because they are perfect. They are the perfect combination between airy for my feet, and actually enable walking. I have nothing against sandals; I actually love them, but try walking for a couple of hours in sandals and tell me what they do to your feet (if they do nothing, please send me the brand name, because that would be just heaven). Espadrilles however, in addition to their beautiful name, which makes my tongue ecstatic, are not only cute and easy to wear – they are also easy to take off and walk barefoot in the sand, and they live through water-attacks. Perfection, I tell you.


Bermuda Shorts – for women. What? Why so unflattering? Even the most gorgeous model (whom I will envy forever) did not look at all enviable in them. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for dressing for comfort if that is what you want, and I am also all for appropriating men’s dress into women’s – but this is not pretty. If it is comfort that these shorts seek, then okay, but no need to treat them as a fashion staple. And if it is to add a masculine touch to a female then I ask, what happened to a baseball cap or oversized shirt? No. Just really – No.


Turbans – now that is a trend I can get on board with. Ever since Blair Waldorf brought them back, headbands have been popping in and out of the trend scene. And while I love a cute headband, I believe, they don’t exactly go with everything. Turbans however, are the headbands’ younger sister – chic-er, edgier, and more versatile. You can wear a turban to the beach, with your sundress and flipflops, then throw it off right before you get into the water (or don’t). You can wear an embellished turban with a cocktail dress (cue: lace turbans). And you can definitely wear one with a biker jacket. Dyed hair? Well, ba-bam, Ms. Turban can hide your roots until you retouch them.  Bad hair week? The turban is here to minimize the damage. And so on. I swear by them – I hope I never have to see the turban leave the scene.

Disclaimer: Do not blind everyone in a five-mile radius by clashing too many patterns – patterned turban, solid clothes.


Sock-Sandal Combination- Disclaimer: Are you Rihanna (preferably in Paris)?

If your answer is no, then please do not wear socks with sandals. Please. I understand that the socks are really pretty, or that you are self-conscious about your feet, or that you just want to wear socks with sandals. But in truth, I don’t get it. The whole point of sandals is that your feet can breath, your toes can wiggle, and we can SEE skin. Now, if you want to cover your feet put on a pair of flats, pumps, sneakers, anything – but not sandals. There is not much I can write (screaming is the most effective expression) about socks and sandals, it’s like having to write about why we should use punctuation (and please, do not even try to argue that you could read my whole article without stopping for a breather).

However, if your answer is yes, as in, yes you are Rihanna (maybe even in Paris) then: I do not know how you pulled it off but hats off to you.


Socks and Closed-toe-dainty-heels Combination – Now, I’m not very sure about this. I kind of love it, but I slightly hate it. I think I prefer it when the colors are dark and mostly the same, it just looks really cheeky and gives and edge to a dainty heel. But the red heels and phosphoric green socks – definitely a horrifying moment.

Reminder: No one’s opinion matters, mine included, if you are comfortable and happy wearing what you are wearing and buying what you are buying. And to the espadrilles/turban-wearing people out there, woohoo us!