Dress To Impress: How to Incorporate Colour into your Spring Wardrobe

Spring and summer mean one thing – a revision of the wardrobe and bright, vibrant clothing designed to put a smile on your face combined with a shot of confidence. But if your wear doesn’t possess much colour, how can you add some excitement without creating an overwhelming, garish or – at worst – ridiculous look? Here are several ways to inject some saturation into your get-up:


Men’s hoodies from Superdry are a practical simple choice for any weather condition, and both leisure and social occasions. It’s comfortable and cosy, and can be worn with jeans, cargo pants, leggings or any other lower-body choice. Don’t make the mistake that hoodies are only for loungewear, as a dark tailored hoodie can be used for smarter occasions such as a date night.


For men, really colourful smart shoes should only be used with suits in fancy dress and perhaps stag dos. The traditional dark colours are safer;  also, a colour choice can sometimes be ‘inverted’, where the shoes are a darker choice to accompany the rest of the look. For example, a light suit in grey, khaki or beige can be matched with a different coloured shoe for elegant effect, as long as the choice of footwear does not draw attention awkwardly to the feet.

Trainers are clearly different, and the trends for 2016 are interestingly toned-down; as well as subtle pastel shades such as apricot and honey yellow, newer materials such as suede and cork and even squiggled, artistic prints (they look better than they sound) are making moves.


A simple rule of thumb for stylists is for socks to match trousers – light and light, black and black, and so on. However, there are times when this just won’t cut it, and a dash of brightness or boldness is needed. This shouldn’t be misconstrued as putting your favourite Simpsons socks or argyle/paisley patterning with a smart suit when meeting new clients – there’s a time and a place. However, on other occasions cut loose – co-ordinating with accessories (see below) and livening up basic outfits are two winning solutions.


A scarf, hat, wallet/purse, handkerchief or other addition can add colour, pattern or design to an overall look. Even sunglasses can add a dash of colour into an ensemble. Don’t go for anything too garish or jarring, just a design that is interesting. If you catch sight in a mirror and it isn’t working, then you can remove it and store it away.

Interestingly, some fashion gurus say that the silk/wool handkerchief pocket square should not exactly match your tie, for fear of creating an impression that it’s been ‘bought for you by an aged aunt or at a local garden centre gift shop.’ Instead, look for complementary colours or pattern, rather than an identical match.

Other options include the addition of a different new watch, which can change an entire image but be careful not to ‘cheapen’ the overall look – a chunky gold watch combined with sports/casual, or the reverse of a leisure watch with suit/blazer might not work.