Economic Meltdown: Here Is What’s Keeping The World’s CEOs Awake At Night

It’s true, CEOs have sleepless nights too. In fact the world’s executives are now worried about what’s on the front-page news, and considering the messed up condition mother Earth is at the moment, I understand why. Everything from the heat down in the Middle East to the Ebola virus – it’s all one big mess and one can only wonder what financial implications that are held ahead of us.

McKinsey’s Economic Conditions Snapshot for September shows a record number of business executives who are concerned about the potential impacts the geopolitical instabilities could have on economic growth. In fact, more than 80% of the respondents agreed that the crisis in North Africa and the Middle East are “likely or extremely likely to shock the global economy in the coming year.” That’s pretty bad. I mean last time this category got this many votes was in September 2013 – the time the US was considering possible military intervention against Syria for its use of chemical weapons.

The chart bellow surveyed 1,202 executives around the globe.


And let’s be honest here, it’s not like there has been a shortage of headlines during the past few weeks; From the ISIS crisis in Syria to the huge protests in Hong Kong. Business executives and leaders in North America are considered to be the most worried ones, projecting that all of this sudden heat will dent their economies.


The report finally states that: “After nine months of mostly positive sentiments on the progress of the world economy, executives have changed their tune. Now only 37 percent say global conditions have improved in the past six months, down from 56 percent in June—and a much smaller share than the 53 percent who, in March, believed global conditions would improve by now.”

Worrying? Well enough to keep them up at night.

Picture Credit: Getty Images