Employee Recognition Does Matter

More companies than you might first imagine experience exceptionally high turnover and are not able to keep employees loyal to their company. Why? Simply because the employees feel that their contribution to the company or organization is under-appreciated. The fact is that employee recognition does matter. It is vital for the company and just as vital for the employee. It’s important to the executive working at a major corporation to the person working in the mail room. It only takes a few moments for a CEO to recognize employees for outstanding work by providing them with awards like the ones easily created at EDCO Awards & Specialties. Here is more to consider.

Employment Appreciation Recognizes Individual Contributions

A large number of employees that work for a large organization feel just like another cog in the wheel at those companies. This creates employees with very low morale and this affects their work performance negatively. Certainly, most employees would like to feel valued by their employer and recognized on an individual level for their contributions to the organization. Appreciating employee recognition is a way to create a more human and caring atmosphere. Plus, this attitude creates strong loyalty among employees. Of course, the recognition should be specific to that person and not just a vague slap on the back. State exactly why you value the employee.

Employment Satisfaction

Surprisingly, employers assume that a good salary is enough to create satisfaction among their employees. However, it takes more than just monetary rewards to keep morale up and the employees satisfied. Fortunately, more companies and large organizations are starting to appreciate the fact that a happy employee is a very productive employee. Most employees find that they are much happier with their boss and the work if they are shown appreciation for the job that they perform for the company. Employers that place more emphasis on making their employees happy quickly discover that productivity and their profit line rises. However, professionals in employee work relationships state that the appreciation shown to the employee should be immediate. Don’t wait till the next meeting to show appreciation to an employee’s work completed weeks earlier.

Appreciation And Trust

Most companies have a distinct drawn line between staff and supervisors. The staff and supervisors rarely interact. This creates a very distrustful atmosphere among the employees. Trusting each other and the supervisors is important to the overall success of the organization. An organization with employees that have a negative attitude toward the boss will fail in so many ways. The most important thing to remember is that the trust should begin with the supervising staff. The boss must show the employees that they are trusted by the company. Building trust between the employer and employee does not have to begin on a grand scale. Simply start building trust by thanking the employees for a job that is well done. This develops a strong connection between the company and the employees that should really pay off in the long run.

Building Loyalty

Today, employers are worried about employees that simply leave after a few months and join the competition. Think about it for a moment. Your company spends thousands of dollars training employees that decide to leave after only a short time on the job. This is a big loss for the company in numerous ways. If you really explore this problem, you’ll quickly discover that the employee left because of feeling unrecognized for their contribution to the company. One well-known Fortune 500 company decided to show their recognition of a job well done by employees by presenting them with gifts and service awards. Just this small bit of recognition helped to develop strong employee loyalty to the company and more appreciation for the company too.

Still, some managers and companies do not understand the fact that employee recognition does matter. Generally, they are just too busy making other matters a priority. The fact is that it is time for every organization to recognize that employee recognition and appreciation is vital to the company’s existence.