Empowering Youth Through Sharing Opportunities

At Gulf Elite we want people to know about the amazing things youth around the world are up to! Sometimes it is good to pump you up through our motivation articles, or to give you practical tips on how to go about launching projects or pitching your startup, but sometimes there is nothing better to help you feel compelled to do good than to showcase youth initiatives that are impacting lives of people around the globe and let you learn from what others started before you! One such initiative is Youth Opportunities, a great portal that is bringing access to information and opportunities close to everyone regardless of where you were born or how much money your parents make!

An opportunity is a gift that can change a person’s life. It should not be kept hidden, rather, it should spread around the world. And to make this happen, to spread opportunities throughout the globe, Social Media is working like magic. Social media links people with different values in one network, a global village; our World. Everybody is advancing towards a virtual lifestyle with the help of Facebook, Twitter and the like. Online exhibition, online hangout, online conference, online education, online shop, etc are being regularly hosted by the mass through these powerful tools. Different initiatives are being undertaken online from blogging to consulting, and sometimes it can go as far as changing a system or overthrowing a regime. Online activists are increasing on a regular basis and everybody today has the chance to enjoy their right to freedom of expression on this platform.

Youth Empowerment is now the global key for prosperity and successful nation for next generations. The leading Nations of the world are now focusing on youths mainly in quality education for all, proper health service, skills development, leadership practice etc. Youth Opportunities is providing the youth with such opportunities for youth to participate and develop their skill. An integral part of national development is Youth empowerment especially for under developing countries.


Social media platforms are being used on different levels, although the majority of the users remains one: teenagers and students. This is the most vital stage to grow or explore one self. Social media can be a good platform to guide them to achieve their aims and goals. Sharing opportunities on social media will give them the option to get the best things they deserve. An opportunity can be the vehicle to change somebody’s life from one stage to another. A scholarship opportunity will help a student soar high while a workshop or training program will develop a youth’s skill and motivate him to work better. A video competition will help a potential film maker to be the next James Cameron and showcase his talents in front of the global screen. 

YO is providing access to thousands of opportunities to its Facebook and Twitter users. YO is a portal where thousands of youth are seeking new opportunities every day. Numerous universities provide admission scholarship to students which unfortunately are unknown to many. YO crowd sources opportunities such as competitions, internships, conferences, summits and contests in order to empower those who do not have access to information or those who do not have the means to afford a linguistic retreat in the caribbean.

YO believes sharing is caring, that’s why we are working towards empowering youths through sharing opportunities among mass people. We make sure that whether you are the daughter of Donald Trump or a kid in the favellas of Rio, you still have equal access to opportunities and contests. It is not about who you are or who you know, it’s about what you merit. YO’s missions are building social responsibility among youth, creating equity among rural and urban kids through educational and career counseling, and encouraging students to convert opportunities into achievements, disseminating information and opportunities among the youth all over the world and ensuring the Right to Information while creating a global platform of learning and sharing.

1378299_599257070133907_148689066_nOver 22, 000 people have received regular opportunities and  have shared their experiences through social media.  Gulla Jan from Afghanistan said, through youth opportunities, I have found many international forums which I have  shared with my friends and they have gone to participate in.

Faidah from Indonesia said, Youth Opportunity showed me how wide the world is and how many productive things I can do as a youth.

Suvro Emmanuel Rozario from Bangladesh said, Youth opportunities has helped me to utilize my time on facebook rather than wasting it. It created new crave in me for success. It also made me hopeful that there is abundance of opportunities indeed. Now I feel more inspired and more optimistic in myself.

Muhammad Usman Haider Khan from Pakistan said, YO directly creates an impact on the lives of local teens who live in disadvantaged circumstances. It prepares students to enter the world of work, and shape tomorrow’s workforce. It enables youth to learn and grow and share their wealth of education, career, and life experience to cultivate the next generation.

Jed Ben Aoun from Tunisia said, Youth opportunities gave me the chance to spread the information among my community and to get involved in inspirational process locally.

Khut Khun Vorakwadh from Combodia said, YO makes me realize that there are so many opportunities out there for youth to gain the benefits from, and all that they need to do is to be prepared!

Fatimazahra Alouani from Morocco said, I think Youth opportunities is a great platform which provides people with information about opportunities that can change their life to the better.

Đoàn Thị Anh Thơ from Vietnam said, Youth Opportunities will help me enrich my communication skills and soft skills, and make me feel confident about myself.

Rosario del Pilar Diaz Garavito from Peru said, It helps me by showing me not just opportunities but sharing with me initiatives of young people around the world that also want to turn the world in to a better place, so I can share all these information with people in Peru, and show them that it is possible to be part of these.

You can check the awesome work YO is up to by following them on their Facebook page: www.fb.com/YouthOpportunitiesNews