Every Man Should Wear a Watch

Men have always had timepieces. However, the timepieces were usually stowed away in the pocket. Whenever a man needed to check the time, he had to dig around in the pocket until he found his.

Some men had theirs on a string and they would simply tug on that until the watch was out. It was believed that anything worn on the wrist was a bracelet and that was for the ladies. Eventually, men had to find a solution because rummaging around in their pockets was time-consuming.

At first, there were some snickers and frowns but wrist watches ultimately caught on. Pocket timepieces took their position in the history books.

These days, it seems as if technology is taking over and the wristwatch is about to join the pocket watch in the archives. Almost everyone has a mobile device and can simply glance at the screen to check the time.

Why Should a Guy Wear a Watch?

The long and short of it is that the watch is a great accessory for men’s clothing. Also, glancing at the phone every few minutes, especially in a formal setting, does not send the right message. Here are a few more reasons why men need to take wristwatches a little more seriously.


How many times have you looked askance at a man for fishing out his cell phone to check the time? One can hardly be taken seriously if they have to consult the phone for every little thing, including time.

Moreover, fetching your phone during a conversation or meeting is considered rude. Also, there are occasions where your phone cannot be out in the open. These include church services, funerals and weddings. A watch does not need to be concealed.

A Watch is Art

A well-crafted wristwatch is a conversation starter. Displaying one of your Scandinavian watches could start a whole conversation centered on their durability as well as dependability. In addition, some watches are worked on by multiple craftsmen per piece.

They create intricate, artistic pieces by hand for months on end. Many watch enthusiasts know they are wearing art on their wrists and take a keen interest in the history of their pieces.


While a phone runs on a battery that can run out of charge, watches use age-old technology. Watches have been around even longer than electricity. Watches run for a long time. If all you have is your phone, you will have no way of telling the time if it runs out of charge.

A watch does not have that limitation. In addition, a watch is not the distraction that the phone can be. In the cause of checking the time, there is the temptation to check out those notifications; maybe open a text or two.

Watches Are Fashionable

You will rarely find people matching clothes to phones. In addition, there isn’t much to choose from when it comes to men’s accessories. Most often, a watch (and a wedding band if he’s married) make up the range of accessories available to men.

A watch allows a man to display his personality and sense of style. The make of the watch…and sometimes the maker of the watch…can say a lot about the wearer. A glance at his choice of wristwatch will tell you if the guy loves adventure or is sporty.

Watches Help You Respect the Passage of Time

When you can see how fast time goes by, you develop a deep respect and a healthy attitude for it. One is acutely aware that they have no control over time and will be careful about how they spend it.


A man’s watch is not just for telling time. It is a status symbol, a show of masculinity and an object of respect. Additionally, it gives him a classy way to check the time and says a lot about him. It is an acquisition that can get you taken seriously and earn you respect.

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