Facebook Down: All Of A Sudden Productivity Increases

Just a moment ago, Facebook appeared to be down for many. If you loaded the website, you’d get an error just like the one you can see on the bottom of the page. The site was down for almost 20 minutes, and you can only wonder what actually happened. But then again, you always had your smartphone, right?

When you thought Facebooks’ mobil app could help you out during this crisis, you were wrong. You get the similar network error on the smartphone app and your content simply won’t refresh. Some of our Gulf Elite members could load the page for a brief moment, but as soon as they clicked on something, the error message popped back up. Even other Facebook related apps were partially disabled. Instagram was almost working, though you couldn’t like a photo or even follow someone.

On a brighter note, we were all probably a little more productive – unless you were hitting the refresh button, waiting for Facebook to get back up.



Photo Credit: TechCrunch
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