Fashion Alert: How to Avoid Committing a Denim Faux Pas

Denim is a timeless piece of fabric that has made a comeback, thanks to the repeating nature of fashion trends. Loved and worn by people of all ages, the thick blue fabric has transcended from jeans to jackets, shorts, and even accessories. Even though Gulf Elite Mag has mentioned that one can never go wrong with denim, there are still a few things to keep in mind when rocking this versatile fashion item, especially with jeans. Read on for tips on how to avoid a denim faux pas.

1. Style those Mom jeans correctly

Mom jeans are totally comfy, but sometimes it can be tricky to pull off. Most people wear it at home or on casual runs to the grocery store on lazy days, but not to events such as parties or social gatherings for fear of looking like an actual mom. Closetful of Clothes shares that the key is to either hide or show your waist by pairing them with cropped tops or tucked in tops. That way, there’s an illusion of longer legs, which these jeans naturally flatter.

2. Stop wearing jeans under a dress

Jeans and dresses are two separate fashion items that can stand on their own. While jeans may be versatile, they are not meant to replace what tights or stockings can already do. Although Elle gave interesting insights on how to wear jeans under a dress, this fashion statement requires heavy accessorizing or adding a lot of layers, something that not all people have access to in their closets. Instead, when looking to cover up the legs from dresses or skirts that are too short, opting for classy black tights can easily solve this problem. Incorporate the fabric by wearing a denim skirt. Doing this gives you the best of both worlds!

3. Make sure the denim actually exists

The first rule to rocking denim is to actually wear the thing—not denim in disguise. In the 2017 Amazon Fashion Week, Japanese designer Thibaut showcased his “thong jeans” creation, which took the fashion phrase ‘made with less material’ to a whole new level. It raised so many eyebrows that it immediately became viral on the internet, even making it to the top of Pretty Me’s crime-on-denim list. No matter how much a person tries to picture it, it’s really unclear how this could be incorporated in any outfit.

4. Look for jeans that enhance the body’s figure

Tongue in Chic calls the “muffin top” the most widely committed faux pas to date, simply because of the lack of owning a good pair that can accentuate the body type. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and so do jeans. Finding the perfect bottoms that can hug the waist or hips in the right places will allow for the clothing to show off the body’s natural contour. Wearing a longer top can also potentially solve this problem for any muffin top-causing jeans already owned. Proper styling and willingness to invest in a good pair can make the muffin top nightmares go away.

Experiment and have fun with denim! Owning a lot of this omnipresent fabric is great for going denim on denim, too. Remember that the key to fashion is being confident and knowing which trends to follow!

Author Bio: Michele Waters was a personal shopper for boutiques before trying her hand at fashion writing. One of her favorite fashion-related pastimes is hunting for vintage items in thrift shops and turning it into a new piece. She happily lives with three dogs in Washington City.

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