Mind-Blowing: A Fashionable QBracelet That Actually Charges Your Phone

We always face the dilemma: good looking but no performance, or ugly but a beast when it comes to specs. See, in the battle for better, cheaper, faster and sexier, the tech world is still not leading the race. Thankfully, every now and then you see entrepreneurs with an amazing sense for design and beauty, working tirelessly to bring customers the ultimate product that not only solves a real need, but also makes you feel  and look good when you wear it.

How many times did have ran out of battery this week? You’re in the middle of an emergency, you pick your smartphone up and surprise surprise, you can’t dial 911. About to hit the gym and get your groove on? Well good luck  because between a few calls and some emails, you have about 20 minutes left to enjoy Nicki Minajs new hit.

The solution…

Well, we’ve been promised much, but all we get is ugly, heavy and bloated phone cases that give you a bit of extra life on your phone, but for that you have to sacrifice the sleek beauty of it and turn it to Frankenstein.

Believe it or not, there is a better way for you to get around this, and it only costs you 79 bucks! Better yet, you hit two birds in one one (FYI not into animal cruelty): extra battery life and a gorgeous bracelet for you to parade around with!

Drum roll…QBracelet!

Q Designs_Lifestyle5

The QBracelet provides a very sexy solution to a truly ubiquitous problem. Every smartphone owner worries about battery loss, and we endeavored to create a product that simply takes that worry away, effortlessly and with style,” said James Kernan, Co-founder and CEO, Q Designs. “In our research, we found existing external battery solutions to be clunky, unappealing and frustrating to use, and so we set out to build a simple, beautiful alternative.”

It has the fashionable look and feel of a jewelry piece before anything else – even if it didn’t charge your phone, it stands as a fashion accessory based on its style and design alone,” said Alessandro Libani, Co-founder and COO, Q Designs. “We conceptualized the QBracelet based on the idea that every useful object should also be a beautiful object, and we believe that merging technology with fashion in smart ways will push the fashion industry forward.”

Lightweight, elegant and crafted from the highest quality materials, the QBracelet premier collection is available in brushed and matte black, brushed and matte silver and polished gold. Thank god its unisex, and comes in a bunch of different. Currently It will retail at $99, and is currently available for pre-order for $79 at Qdesigns.co.

Q Designs_ Polished Gold

Photo Credit: QDesigns