Feeling Stuck? 4 Steps That Can Transform Your Life

If you are sitting out there in your room, office cubicle, classroom, or at a bar thinking how unsatisfied you are with your life, it’s time to change that. Most of us dream big, whether it is becoming billionaires, owning that Ferrari, making it to the presidency, or turning an idea into reality. But day after day, we find ourselves in the same situation, same job, same boss, same salary, going day by day to survive. We fall into this deadly cycle that eventually sucks us away from all of our ambition and daydreams.

From my personal life experience, I wrote down some of the steps that have helped me turn my life over completely. 

Meet new people

The first step in making a change in your life is to meet new people. You have probably learned a lot of things from your friends, but at some point everything becomes repetitive. Sticking with the same group of people is like watching a movie 4 times, or reading a book for the same amount. To keep learning new things, expose yourself to what is out there in the world; you need to meet new people.  Every person has a story, and this story has a moral you can learn from.

When I was 15, I worked full time to afford moving to a new high school. I knew I needed to see more people, make new friends, and be in a more diverse group. This experience was invaluable; everything was new, people, teachers, and the bus ride. Eventually, some people exposed me to many opportunities that I never knew of, and I ended up getting a scholarship to study at an international high school in Norway.

Meet the right people

Of course, meeting new people isn’t good by default. I mean, what if you get introduced to a gang that does hard drugs? When meeting people, you have to be smart about what makes a good friend. For example, I define a true friend as someone who gives you a book to read, or introduces you to someone and puts in a good word for you.

I have to admit, I would have never come this far if it wasn’t for the people in the journey. It is the friend who passed along every opportunity he encountered, or the one who told me to get my sh*t together whenever I lag behind that made me walk the extra mile. It is also this good friend who told me how great I am, and highlighted my strength but at the same time told me to work on my weaknesses. These people pushed me out of bed this morning and told me I have a dream I need to chase, they make all the difference.

It is not your dream, it is your future

Do not dream that one day you will get where you want. Aim that in X years from today you WILL be what you want. If everyone around you thinks it is impossible, just pretend it is possible and get yourself ready to make it. Malcolm Gladwell said:

“It is those who are successful, in other words, who are most likely to be given the kinds of special opportunities that lead to further success.”

You do not know what the opportunities are, but be prepared, so in case they come, you seize them.

When I was in middle school, I always dreamt about going to university in the United States. I lived in a very low income neighborhood, and the thought of going to university wasn’t even an option for most people. People would laugh at me, including my family members. I ignored them, I told myself I can. I did not know how to achieve that, but I knew I had to study hard. I knew that if that opportunity existed, I should at least have good grades when the right time comes. And here I am today, finishing my degree in economics at one of the top colleges in the country.

Take care of yourself

If you do not like yourself, people will not like you. Do you think you are smarter than most people? Do you think you are good looking? Do you think you are funny? Great. I am not saying here that you should be cocky and stuck up, but be confident. Believe that you are very smart, but do not think of others as idiots. Believe that you look good, but not of others as ugly.

Go to the gym, take care of your body, shower daily, shave or trim your beard if you are a man, dress well. All of these things will give you more confidence. Confident people have better opportunities, they speak better publicly, they speak to people warmly, and can make connections easily. Believing in yourself can be more powerful than you can imagine! And if all else fails, give yourself a lift by turning to what elite entrepreneurs and athletes do: taking smart drugs! Now we’re not advocating snorting coke to get in the zone, but rather, smart drugs help enhance your cognitive capabilities (think unlocking your brain potential by hacking your body) so you can be the 2.0 version of yourself, almost upgraded!

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