Ferrari Designers Want To Revolutionize The Train Business

Some companies are just great at what they do, regardless of what product they work on. I’m sure Apple would do a killer job if they were to design a water bottle, and ferrari would blow our minds off if it was asked to redesign the toilet seaters. Luckily, instead or working on a toilet seater, Ferrari designer¬†Ken Okuyama and JR East will launch a new Japanese luxury train in Spring 2017, and the designs are out of this world, just check for yourself!


This 10 car train holds 34 passengers and has glass walls, observation decks and a dining car.  The project is estimated cost cost an astounding 5 billion yen ($50 million)


The luxurious feel of this train will sure as hell make people rethink flying private jets or first class airlines.


Photo Credit: Destination Luxury

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