Finally Have Your Own Paparazzi Drone With The New Lily Camera

We all dream of becoming the centre of attention, the talk of the hour, the guy or girl everyone wants to take a selfie with… The pinnacle of success is having paparazzi running after you to take a picture, a glimpse of the “oh-so-awesome” person you are. Well, now your dreams finally came true with Lily Camera, a drone that follows you and takes pictures and videos from all angles so that you can exhibit to the world your awesomeness from an unprecedented vantage point.

Unlike traditional drones, which are designed for flying, Lily Camera is focused on its subject. When it ships later this year, it will feature a 1080p, 60 FPS camera and another 720p, 120 FPS camera, both of which can be trained on you. The flyer will use its built-in GPS to stay fixed on a little Lily tracking device worn on your wrist or in your pocket. – Mashable

The drone is now available for pre-ordering at $499, a bargain compared to the $999 it is planned to retail for. You know what to do now. Ready, Set, Shop!

Check the video here:


Photo Credit: Lily