How to Find Mentors: The Gift of Gratitude

Who are you most grateful to in life? 

It has been scientifically proven that grateful people are happier and more successful, which support our experience with coaching and interviewing successful people. This is the reason Berkley University is launching a $5.6 million project to “expand the science and practice of gratitude”.

Tony Tjan, one of our interviewees, is the CEO, Managing Partner and Founder of the venture capital firm Cue Ball. He is also the vice chairman of the advisory firm Parthenon, and co-author of the New York Times bestseller Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck.

During our interview, Tony said:

“I think it’s a gift on both sides. it’s such a psyche reward that is better than almost any currency. When you can help someone and see them achieve their goals, you make them realize that that’s what life is about – much more than just making money and getting ahead. If you can get through the world, in life by having helped a few people, that’s something to be very proud of. I don’t think it takes much to inspire others, it’s a natural part of our humanity. When people realize how powerful and how much more value there is if they give someone a meaningful role and how much reward a mentee is giving a mentor, that’s not a hard thing to do.”

What changes once you become grateful for your mentors?

“I make more of an effort to learn about my mentor’s happenings and life experiences. We chat regularly, and she would always be the one asking the questions. Seeing my mentor as a teacher and friend, rather than as a coach, prompts me to engage with her on a plane of reciprocal curiosity and understanding.” 

– Tan Chan – Beta Reader of Seek to Keep 

“It’s obvious that finding a mentor is a ‘good thing’, but that’s not a good enough reason to go out and seek one. Now I have a better appreciation of how my life has been touched by the kindness of the mentors I’ve had in the past, and my desire for more guidance and human connection has been rekindled.”

– Sharon Tan – Beta Reader of Seek to Keep 

Write down the name of three mentors who were most impactful in your life.

Take another few minutes to go write what you have learned from them, what you’ve gained from them and what they’ve added to your life. Write down all the things you’re thankful to them for. NOW STOP READING AND START WRITING. Only continue reading when you’re done writing.

Now that you’ve written everything you’ve learned from your mentors, everything they’ve done for you and everything you are grateful for, pick up the phone, call them and tell them you want to read them what you wrote.

If for some reason you cannot call them, send them an email with everything you wrote.

If for any reason you cannot contact them, make a post on Facebook or other social media sharing your gratitude about that mentor.

A little gratitude goes a long way in finding and keeping the mentors you desire 🙂

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