First Date with a Russian Girl: Making a Good First Impression

You must have already been to numerous first dates, haven’t you? It is always a surprise, both for you and for her. You may feel nervous and experience a lack of self-esteem; you may sometimes overreact or say something stupid. The first date is a little battle. If you meet a Russian girl for the first time, you need to know how to treat her right. Let’s see if we can define it.

You invite her, not the other way around.

It is the only option. No other cases are reliable with a Russian girl. She loves you to be assertive, to be mannish and trivially know the aim of your actions.

Figure her out.

Don’t know what to talk about on the first date? The solution is quite simple – get the information about the girl. You do not need to be a spy nowadays to learn something about the person. The 21st century is the era of the Internet, so she probably has an account on every popular social network. Find out her interests through her feed on Facebook, look at her photos on Instagram or use any other site you want. We can even offer you a simpler path: call her and in a cheerful manner ask questions about her general interests. It is a commonly known fact that you would feel confident if you know what to talk about with her.

Make up a plan.

A Russian girl will feel miserable and disappointed if you bring her to the first date without a single idea about what to do together. No need to create the strict timetable – it might also frighten her. You just need to brainstorm a minute and decide what kind of leisure you would want to share with her. The first date must take only a few hours and not more than two places to visit; stick to the perfect timing – two and a half hours, then a goodbye and two days of pause to understand your feelings.

Next step is to decide where you take her. However, you need to consider the type of girl you meet, what season it is etc. We came up with the list of perfect places to visit on your first date: 

1. Coffee & Stroll. Double cinnamon latte, mid-October sun, and a cozy boulevard – sounds perfect, eh? This is the best type for a young and dreamy girl – she feels helplessly romantic when green-red-yellow leaves fall from trees; it is not a rarity for Russian girls to be into all that romantic stuff. However, do net let her feel bored: take it easy, tell her short and funny stories with wit and irony, and hold her hand for a moment or two. In addition, either of you can escape quite easily if things go awry.

2.  Dinner. Might be the best occasion for the first date. Although, you need to remember certain tips while choosing a restaurant. It should not be too fancy: on one hand, you may put her out of countenance; on another hand, your date would expect such five-star treatment every time thereafter. However, you should not also visit the fast food spots. Yes, when you will be together, it might appear that both of you are in love with fries and burgers; but since it is your first time together – try acting delicately and nicely. In addition, we would ask you not to drink too much. A Russian girl is genetically afraid of alcoholics.

3. Theme park, festival or a fair. Perfect place for youngsters who are about to crazily fall in love. These places are slightly more difficult to spend a good time in (too crowded, too noisy, too many kids and teenagers), but the result can overcome your expectations! Just let her have fun and do not forget to participate.

4. Museum or exhibition. The most complicated of them all. This one does need some basic preparations. For the beginning, try to figure out her interests and what kind of museum she would likely visit. Then, if you have chosen a place, try not to look dumber than your girl. Russian women believe the brain to be the sexiest part of a man. Therefore, if you learn several facts about the painter you are about to see – it will make you look quite interesting in her eyes. If your girl is a geek, you may visit the science exhibition. Try to pick the one that would fit both of you.

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