First Step To Success: Set Your Startup’s Basement Office

Only successful people realize how important it was to set that first office or that first desk in their basement. See, before thinking about venture capitalists, beta rollout or prototyping, you should lay the foundation for your business to flourish, and for your mind to get all those creative juices up and flowing.

Having your own working space is like having your own room, as long as you share the place with someone else, you’re not going to explore new things and come up with crazy stuff. It’s not a matter of ego or feeling that you accomplished something by having your business name strapped onto a door hanger, it’s more about setting the platform for you to realize that shit got real, that you should start acting like a professional rather than keep on thinking that this is all a game. We’re talking here about visualizing your business come to life, whether it is by having a logo, a website, a business card or an office, it is crucial to establish your identity as part of something bigger, and the way to do so is to redefine everything that defines YOU: your personal brand, the way you behave, the way you introduce yourself, and most importantly, where you work.

When Steve Jobs talks about his story and emphasizes on launching his company from a garage, he’s not making that remark just to sound dramatic. Setting up office in his garage was a statement to himself and to people around him: it meant that he was dead serious about what he was doing, and that he meant business. Environments you are in do influence your mood, productivity, level of professionalism and creative genius: meaning that if you’re set to take your startup to the next level, you have to start working on identifying where your HQ or corporate setting will be. That’s the place where, whenever you walk in, you leave out the gimmicky stuff and put on your work mojo.

So our advice if you really want to feel like an actual Entrepreneur and move closer to your goals, establish your corporate identity, and that starts with setting your visual brand (Get it all done by Studinov), and then establishing your physical brand: office space, branded merchandise, business cards…

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Photo Credit: Tumblr.