Futuristic? The Next Tech Game Changer Is Already Here

Every now and then we hear that the next big thing is here, that the next revolutionary product is around the corner or that the “IT” app is launching, but as it turns out most of the buzz is overrated and quite frankly, just a buzz. Besides the Internet, smartphones, social media and few other big hits, there is not much that can be called the genius idea of the century. Well, turns out you’re wrong, and the next big thing is indeed already here, we just haven’t realized it yet.

Wearable technology and Augmented Reality. These two technical words that seem like they just came out from a geeky manifesto are nothing too hard to understand. Wearable technology is the electronics you put on yourself, take Google Glass or Nike Fuel Band for example, and Augmented Reality is whatever you see Iron Man play with in his lab. If that’s not explanatory enough, Augmented Technology allows you to have superpowers, like seeing information pop up in your field of vision just by looking at a person or a building. You want to see a high tech screen or a 3D object pop in your glasses and interact with it? That’s AR. Want to know everything about your woman just by looking at her and see what her vital signs are, finding out whether she is ready for you to pop the question? Just turn on your smart glasses and you’ll get a feed of data coming in. Augmented Reality is not solely about virtual stuff; it’s about mixing reality with virtual interactions.

Now what’s frustrating is that Gen-Y hasn’t yet catch up with these technological advances. Not many people walk around with the Google Glass, too few people seem crazy about buying a mind blowing product like Spaceglasses and would rather spend their bucks on useless stuff. And worst of all, there are a very few people who know about this in the first place! I’m sure the price tag of a pair of high-tech glasses and futuristic electronics is not making things easier to digest, but for 3650$ for the chance to be Tony Stark or Elon Musk for a lifetime – really does sound like a bargain!

Don’t believe me, check META Pro and see for yourself!

New things are always hard to integrate in our daily lives. I mean just take a look at Google Glass as it faced resistance when it first came to the public. But so did computers and other tech novelties. Today people blow thousands of dollars on iPhones and custom gaming PCs without thinking twice about it. It’s just a matter of time before Wearable Technology and AR gain grounds everywhere, from corporate and private services to individual entertainment, and the current prospects are already proving that the possibilities are endless.

A policeman walks in a crowd and the facial recognition data pops on his glasses, suddenly spotting a wanted criminal. Nope, that’s not a scene out of Robocop, that’s reality and there are already facial recognition APIs offered on Google Glass by Lambda Hats.

A doctor sits in front of a patient and all the vital signs show in his spectacles. He even uses a wearable glass set to assist him in his surgeries by constantly monitoring the patient, asking the AI where to operate and getting live instructions feed hands free.

There was a time when using the latest tech products was only for geeks because, well, they made you look weird as hell! But product development today is not only geared towards developing the performances of products, but focused on designing modern and exclusive looks as well, eliminating that nerdy look. With AR devices like the META Pro, you can put on cutting edge tech products on your head while still wearing a suit. Some would say it even gives you a superior edge. Gen-Y is a generation that wants to take things to the next level. We want to have superpowers, know everything and anything, be super productive and multitask all at the same time. Well now it’s possible, and there are two magical concepts you’ll have to keep in mind:

Wearable Technology and Augmented Reality!

Picture Credit: Shutterstock
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