Geniuses Behind The Scene: The Influential First Hires of Tech Giants (Infographic)

Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are just a few tech entrepreneurs that have made billions of dollars from the companies they’ve founded – but as brilliant as these men were, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft would not have been huge successes were it not for a team of incredible employees backing them up. The UK-based job search site Adzuna has recognized that a large part of being a great entrepreneur is being able to make great hires, and has produced an infographic that takes a look at their very first hires. From the Apple employee who actually invested $250,000 into the company to the Amazon first hire who was called ‘the most important person ever in the history’ of the website, take a look at the first hires that were so crucial to the innovation that powered the growth of their companies.

Check the infographic here: