How To Get Sh*t Done: 35 Habits Of Successful Productive People

Don’t you just get annoyed with the people who manage to tick off every single task on their To-Do-List, as if they’ve got 10 extra hours every day? You know, the people who manage to get more things done before breakfast than you do all day.  In the mean time we, the normal people, have a marginalized 24 hours that just seems to fly by.

But not to worry, if there is a will, there is a way! You can become one of them – one of the weird productive people. Alright, lets get started – start by spending a maximum of one minute responding to your e-mails,  not all of them, just the ones you prioritized. Also, tune out the news while working, nothing important (that deserves your precious time) really happens – most of the time at least.

Take a look at Anna Vitals, the co-founder of the startup entity, Funders and Founders, extraordinary infographic that compiles the most brilliant tips of maintaining your procrastination habits on low. So take a break from your endless non-productive procrastination and check out the infographic that will pretty much blow your mind!


 Picture Credit: Funders and Founders