Getting Clients Has Never Been This Easy: 5 Resources To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Launching a business is never the hardest part of an Entrepreneur’s journey; it’s getting clients that makes the journey a true mission impossible. A great idea is just that, an idea, until people start paying money for it. See, if Steve Jobs didn’t close his first clients or if Bill Gates had a pile of Windows CDs laying around with no one to pay for them, then the greatest business empires of all times would have been left to rot in the pages of history.

In order to help you out with this, let’s take a look at some of the most recent updates, changes and trends that can affect your business and help you bring in more prospects – and potentially close more sales. One of my most trusted resources are the Social Media Examiner, Inc.com and Entrepreneur, and there are the top five posts I believe will benefit you and your business the most:

1. Social media marketing for business is here to stay and it’s getting more and more complex with each passing day. Here, you can learn about 14 tools the pros recommend.

2. Inc.com shares top 10 habits that you and your brand should stay clear of when it comes to social media marketing.

3. Staying on the topic of the social media, to convince your audience to take a desired action (like, follow, share, buy, etc.), one needs to play on their emotional and intellectual note. So here, you can find out some of the psychological insights that can help you improve your marketing.

4. Another widely popular (and successful) way to generate leads are live online events (for example webinars). Here, listen into this interview to learn more about the whys and how-tos.

5. Finally, you can only improve and grow when you know what’s working and what isn’t. While tracking, measuring and analyzing is crucial, it doesn’t have to be a rocket science. Entrepreneur shares 5 must-have dashboards to help you keep on track.

Equipped with these resources, a strong sense of business and a boost of motivation, get out there and be a real closer!

Picture Credit: Getty Images