Google’s Project Ara: Customizable Smartphones Are Closer To Reality Than Ever

The closest we’ve come to customizing our smartphones is changing the color of the phone or picking a cool case featuring cats that look like Hitler. But asides from aesthetics, you couldn’t do much about your phone’s weak camera or speakers, let alone getting new gadgets fitted into your smartphone.

Well, thanks to Google and its project Ara, modular phones will soon become a reality. If you want to put a night vision functionality or your phone, use a powerful Kodak lens or change your screen, you just have to pick the module and fit it as easily as you’d plug a USB into your laptop.


The first few modular phones will be unveiled in Puerto Rico as part of Google’s test pilot, along with a dozen modules that you’d be able to use and interchange.

Check the video teaser of Project Ara:

Photo Credit: Android Authority