Great Shipping Is Great Service

The rise of international trading has changed many aspects of a business. The ease of import has lowered the price of many luxurious goods. Likewise, export has made it easy to reach a wider audience than would have been possible not too long ago.

But that’s not the half of it. Global trading has allowed both businesses and consumers to gain access to many different goods and services that allow them to completely change the way they live out their day-to-day lives.

We no longer have to settle with the products that exist around us. When the businesses near us do not offer quality, it is easy for us to seek better pastures elsewhere. For businesses, this means they must now offer more than just what their direct competitors offer; they must now beat out competitors on the other side of the world with access to cheaper material, cheaper labor, and with just as much will to survive.

This isn’t a death knell for home-grown businesses though. Although it isn’t as easy to grow or be successful, there are a few ways to get the edge and gain an advantage over your competitors. Few, however, would be an understatement. The gambit of choices range from the simple and cheap all the way to the expensively complex. The choices can be anything from a simple focusing down on a small niche to trying to reach far-ranging audiences with a large-scale global ad campaign.

Now, obviously, not every business will be able to run a world-wide ad campaign—if they can even run ads at all—but there are still ways for any business to find a way to succeed. One way that applies to many businesses is shipping.

From Point A To Point B

Fast, reliable shipping is vital in today’s world. And just like SEO for a webpage, being able to reliably ship your product is vital in keeping your business afloat. There is nothing worse for a business than losing a customer because their package never arrived or was destroyed during transit.

However, losing a customer is only one aspect of the problem. As a business, you will more likely than not use custom shipping boxes to send out your products. Make sure they are strong boxes that will keep your products safe and secure in transit. If you have to replace the product for the customer because it was in flimsy packaging, it would mean having to send out another box. That is a loss of income that is easily avoided with the proper precautions.

For example, use strong packaging material to protect the product from being damaged. Likewise, be sure to properly label the box, “This side Up” or “Fragile,” to help prevent it from being mishandled before it reaches your customer during shipping.

And in the same vein, make sure that the type of shipping box you use is made of high-quality material. The U.S. Post Office delivers hundreds of thousands of packages each and every day. With this much quantity, it goes without saying that there will be a small amount of “roughhousing” with the packages with a short amount of time to deliver.

You Can’t Lose Customers If You Don’t Have Any

Getting customers is hard. Losing them is easy. Only a small percent of customers that receive a destroyed package will contact you about the problem. The same goes for those customers that don’t receive anything at all.

Instead, those customers will stay quiet until someone they know is thinking about trying out your business. That’s when the bad experience they had with you will show its ugly face. And as most people will lean on the opinions and advice of those they trust before doing something risky, giving a customer a bad experience doesn’t just cause your business to lose that customer. You also lose all the potential customers that the original customer ends up dissuading.

That is not good. With today’s globally-reliant landscape, customers won’t just settle for the only business nearby that has what they want.


Because you’re not the only business that can offer the customer what they need. You won’t make it in today’s world if you can’t offer something that other businesses that are just as good as yours can.

You need to be different. Different means offering great service like great shipping.

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