Gulf Elite Issue 4

Gulf Elite Issue 4 is now live! Get your dose of motivation right now and kickstart the month all pumped.


It’s really been a crazy month here at Gulf Elite; a lot of stuff has been going on. We ́ve been establishing amazing partner- ships (InternsME, CBP International), met great individuals and been on great ventures. But unfortunately, there will always be people who will try to push you down, write, say or do any- thing just to see you fall to the ground. A characteristic we all have embedded into our system to some degree. But the high- er you rise and the stronger you get, the harder you ́ll hit when you come tumbling down. Just the thought of it ignites the fire that motivates us towards not falling. Because we won’t fall.

Haters gonna hate – it’s that simple. What seemed to be your high school buddies are now shitting all over you. What seemed to be family is now pushing you down because of your grand ambitions. You see, I visualize success as the only tool that actually re- moves the masks off people’s faces. An attribute that unleashes the beast inside every- one you thought had your back. Now this doesn’t mean that they ́ve changed, no, people don’t change. There are only certain factors that merely amplify what’s already there. But you know what feels better than hating back? Proving people wrong. Proving them all wrong to a degree where you ́ll one day look down and laugh and say, “I made it!”.

There are definitely a couple of lessons to be learnt here, because there is no better educator than experience. Embrace the haters and see them as a motivational tool to boost YOU. Make love to the bullshit they throw at you and use it to lift yourself towards reaching whatever goal you want to reach to prove them wrong. On the other hand, remember the ones who stood by your side during the battle. Remember the ones that believed in you and fought by your side when hell broke loose. Because as much as great achievements and success may amplify peoples’ bitterness and jealousy, it also separates the good from the bad. It re- fines your surrounding and makes you see just a little clearer what and who ́s around you.

Using the words of Bon Jovi: “Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa Claus. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. If you don’t, who will?” If you don’t who will? Well Santa sure as hell won’t, together with the hundreds of haters out there who will pile personal reactions and emotions all over you just to see you fall. But you know what they both have in common? They’re fictional creations established by soci- ety’ lack of creativity to comfort the weak. So stand tall and believe in what you have to believe in in order to fight what you have to fight to finally get a business card that says:

“I ́m CEO bitch”.


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