Gulf Elite Model Series: Meet Stunning Cristina Merino

Supermodels: some fantasise about their dream-like looks and some blame them to be shallow and lacking the brains to succeed in intellectually demanding areas, but what few realize is that for every model there is a story, there are passions and goals, there is a story to be told and a person to be celebrated. One such model is Cristina Merino, an impressive Spanish millennial who sailed on a journey starting from Valladolid to Barcelona before landing in Abu Dhabi, in order to explore new paths and undertake a new journey.

With a strong background in advertising, Cristina opted for managing Hollister store in Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, all while sharpening her marketing skills through trainings and involvement with local initiatives. Another trick up Cristina’s sleeve is her passion for creative artistry and craftsmanship, as is apparent from the dresses she personally designs and puts together in the coziness of her house.

“Life will change in many different ways. You never know what kind of decisions you might take but if you strongly are yourself you will always succeed. Look for the little things that make your day by day different. Never forget where are you coming from and what is your background because this stays with you forever.” – Cristina Merino

Outgoing, cheerful and full of life, Cristina beams with happiness and brings the lively Spanish flair to her surroundings, making her not only a successful store manager, but also a fantastic friend to hang out with!

Here is a sneak peak at the stunning shoot we conducted with Cristina, courtesy of the talented photographer Nabeela Huda.

Cristina-03 Cristina-04 Cristina-05 Cristina-06 Cristina01

Gulf Elite Model Series


Nabeela Huda Photography

Nabeela Huda is a self-taught, fashion portrait photographer, UAE-based/Bengali-bred artist who was lucky enough to grow up in Abu Dhabi, amidst all the diverse ethnicities and personalities.

You can find her work here: www.nabeela-huda.com

Make up artists

Lady Mascara is a makeup artist with a growing portfolio of contemporary and bridal looks. Currently in Dubai, she loves working at the spot where natural beauty meets creative vision. Join her on her journey at www.instagram.com/ladymascara_dxb

Photo Credit: Nabeela Huda Photography