Happy Tummy: 15 Strange Yet Must-Try Foods In Dubai, Desserts Included

There’s no doubt that Dubai is a popular tourist destination. The city has the tallest building, the only seven-star hotel, and the largest mall in the world. A traveler who loves to experience the best of the bests will surely visit this metropolis.

But there’s more to Dubai than its marvelous edifices. Take, for instance, the city’s cuisine. You can find the best Arabian and European dishes in the metro. But now, we’ll look at some unusual foods that, weird as they may, will surely complete your trip to the city.

1. Camel Meat Burger

We all know that burgers should contain beef. Well, in Dubai, camel meat can take over that role. Expect a new experience for your taste buds as this burger is far different than the traditional one.

The signature Camel Burger, which comes with 24k gold dust decoration. (Supplied)

2. Social Dog

Dubai might just be popular for using ingredients different than what we’re used to. For instance, the Social Dog (available at Marina Social) is no ordinary hot dog. The “dog” in there is actually made of combined duck and foie gras!

3. The Manwich

You need to man up with this gigantic, meaty sandwich. The carnivorous meal is coated in cheese and filled with tender-smoked brisket and crispy fried eggs. Make sure you haven’t eaten anything before the Manwich, or you’ll be in for some struggle.

4. Manousheh

The popular city has its local pizza, and it might look a little different. However, the taste will surely pique your senses. What makes this dish exotic is the toppings: salty Akkawi cheese, zaatar herbs, olive oil, sweet jam, eggs, minced lamb, and creamy sour labneh are just some of those combined by the restaurants.

5. Manakish (the longest one)

This thin bread measures a meter long and weighs 1.85 kilograms, providing you with enough space to put all the toppings you want! A manakish includes za’atar, Akkawi cheese, and Nutella topped with pistachios and bananas.

6. Brain Fry

If you fancy eating fried brains, restaurants in Dubai, including the Ravi, will serve you one that is formerly owned by a lamb. Don’t worry, they serve the dish chopped with green chili and spices.

7. Lamb’s Testicles

Dubai’s affinity to lambs is taken to a higher level with this dish. The restaurant, Boulevard Kitchen, cubes and sears the testicles in olive oil, garlic, lemon, butter, salt, and pepper. It makes for a tasty dinner. If you can ignore which part of the lamb you’re eating.

8. Chicken Wings (the spiciest ones)

In Dubai, expect to find spicy chicken wings that score 6.4 million points on the Scoville scale (measurement of the pungency of a chili). Chefs up their spicy food game by using only the world’s hottest chili and peppers!

9. Puffer Fish

Wait, can you actually eat this poisonous sea creature? Apparently, there are chefs in Dubai who know how to prepare an edible puffer fish. If you want to sink your teeth into the fish’s rubbery flesh, make sure you’re getting it from a reputable restaurant.

Japanese Fugu can only be served by licensed chefs.

10. Sea Cucumber

If you’re bored with regular cucumbers, there is a squishy and spiky option available. Sea cucumbers are served with spring onion at the China Sea restaurant. Typically, you could spend $50 for food on average if you’re touring Dubai. That said, this food, priced at about 128 dirhams ($35), is a luxury.

11. Stuffed Camel

You can actually eat a whole camel in Dubai. And a stuffed one, at that. A stuffed camel is usually served in elite wedding ceremonies. A combination of major ingredients including boiled eggs, fish, and rice, this dish is the epitome of Middle East’s bizarre and rich food culture.

12. Kopi Luwak

You don’t normally pay $50 for two cups of coffee brewed from a cat’s feces, do you? Well, for citizens in Dubai, it’s actually acceptable if you’re drinking Kopi Luwak. Harvesting the coffee beans for this beverage is quite a feat, as you have to wait for the Asian civet cat (which feeds on only the best coffee berries) to defecate. Of course, the feces are cleaned before being roasted into your drink.

13. Dubai’s Treasure Chest

This overwhelming dessert is a filling meal in itself. The Dubai’s Treasure Chest (made from chocolate) is a trove of ten scoops of ice cream, cookies, three large cake slices, deep-fried Oreos, Snickers (battered), Hershey’s Kisses, M&Ms, waffle cones, sauces, hot fudge, and fresh berries. Phew! That’s a lot!

14. Cake in a Jar

Dubai’s Jarful introduced a new take in eating cakes. A portion of a cake, which comes in nine flavors, is put in a jar. It’s small enough so you can carry it in your purse!

15. Massive Monster Milkshake

As overwhelming as the Dubai’s Treasure Chest, this milkshake is a blend of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, pretzels, half a liter of chocolate sauce, full-fat milk, whipped cream, M&Ms, and marshmallows.

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