Harvard Woman Might Have Revolutionized The Make-Up Industry – Mink

I know it sounds crazy, it’s not like I believed it when I first read it – but it’s real! Imagine having the capability of creating your own personal, perfect and high-quality make-up inside your living room, using absolutely any color of your choice – all of this without having to walk down your closest over-priced shopping mall, sounds like magic doesn’t it?

Grace Choi, the Harvard graduate, has envisioned this game changing invention that might just have cracked down the make up industry, leaving brands like Loreal, Maybelline and even Cover Girl, stranded. Choi took the opportunity to present her news splash last week by presenting the product at the Tech Crunch Disrupt – and the reactions were crazy!

Currently Grace Choi has created a simple prototype that will let any user choose any color thinkable, proceeding by printing out the makeup in the exact same hue, giving you the exact preferred colored make-up you wished for. Now you can imagine how this allows people to forget about the over-priced products that are sold these days, to, quite literally, print out the perfect make-up product that is personalized to your preferences, for a fraction of the price.

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The prototype, MINK, which will be able to
print out the make-up products, is currently
the size of normal home printer, but is projected to about the size of a Mac Mini and will cost, at first, approximately 300 dollars.

Now obviously there are certain key features of this “prototype” printer, two key features actually. First of all it utilizes a kind of cosmetic grade dye that is FDA-compliant. So instead of it printing on normal paper, it prints its colors onto a powder substrate, which is the “raw” material of actual regular makeup.

Now what makes this piece of genius so innovative is that it actually allows individuals to personally find a color online, using a tool to find the hues hexadecimal number – and then simply print it. You could literally print any color since every color has its own unique hex number.

According to Choi, Mink will be catered towards the female audience of 13 to 21-years old, girls who are still experimenting and trying out their make-up habits. It’s a period where all young girls start building their self-confidence, Choi says, describing how she sometimes, during her teens, had a rough time finding the beauty product that would suit her skin. It was Chois childhood alienation that sparked the desire to come up with Mink, since during her time, stores didn’t have any products that targeted Asian women. She wanted a product, something, that would eliminate that collective fear of not finding the preferred make-up that suited one’s skin-tone – and boy did she come up with a ground-breaker!

Grace Choi wants her impressive product to motivate and encourage young women to try out different types of looks and to have the complete liberty of choosing the colors they desire. And so far, the reaction of her product has been completely amazing as she explains: “I’m really grateful. I’m really overwhelmed. I’m really excited about all of this.”

Picture Credit: DDN