Hashtags, Tweets, Posts – Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

Over the past few years, the social media has never been so powerful in promoting and spreading business ideas and iconic brands. Never have social websites, like Facebook or Instagram, been so important and empowering in growing a business because of their innovating medium of reaching out to the world’s population. I mean for crying out loud, Zuckerberg has a huge chunk of the worlds’ population registered in his interactive bubble, why not take advantage of it?

The fashion world, especially, has grown immensely because of all the hastags, selfies and constant updates on what’s hot and what’s not. Never have bloggers, such as Rumi Neely, Chiara Ferragni, and Leandra Medine, been more exposed given their fierce style that has attracted millions of followers and copy-cats. Major social mediums like Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter have done an amazing job in increasing the popularity of the fashion industry, simply by Posting, Hashtaging and Tweeting.


Ever heard of The Blonde Salad? To be honest, it does sound crazy, but despite that, it’s the world’s most famous blog made by Law student, Chiara Ferragni. The 22-year-old fashion lover began posting ‘look of the day’ photos on her blog showing her everyday outfits while walking the streets of Italy and revealing her eclectic style. Each photo’s caption was written in both Italian and English, and the rest is history. Today, she attends top fashion shows and has collaborated with over 100 international brands including Superga and, recently, Louis Vuitton. In the midst of all these collaborations, she established her own shoe brand, Chiara Ferragni, which is now sold in over 80 fashion retailers around the globe AND walked the runway for the Italian fashion house Alberta Ferretti! To put it simply; Chiara is now classified as a businesswoman, stylist, model, AND a socialite! What more could a girl ever wish for?!

Now, let’s rewind back to 2009 and read her first post to find out how all of this started. The post says, and I quote, “After years spent on Flickr and other different web communities, I felt like I had to move on and create a space for my own. The name is “The Blonde Salad” because this blog is going to be a salad of myself. The ingredients will be those which have always characterized me: fashion, photography, travel, and lifestyle. I hope that this step forward could involve you even more.” Oh It has DEFINITELY involved me and, not to mention, 1.4 million followers of The Blonde Salad page on Instagram! Shit it crazy! From posting “regular” fashion pictures on her blog to collaborating with one of the world most iconic fashion names  – a coincidence?

Instagram and Twitter

Another way people promote themselves or their brands is using an application known as Instagram. Now if you’ve been social present during the past three years, you should know what this billion-dollar app is all about; a smartphone application that allows the user to post photos and uniquely edit them. You can then bizarrely describe the pictures by the use of hashtags; #YOLO#NYC#YouGetThePoint. Quite brilliantly the hashtags enable the user to find other fellow users and photos. The more hashtags the users insert in the descriptions, the more followers they would have.

Now, let me tell you about how the jewellery brand, Dannijo, rose to fame due to two famous hashtags used on its Instagram page: armparty and putabibonit. ‘Armparty’ referred to bracelet stacks, and ‘putabibonit’ referred to metal or plastic necklaces that resemble bibs. The founders of Dannijo, Danielle and Jodie Snyder, were clever enough to promote the brand using the two famous hashtags they made up. Dannijo is now a prominent jewellery brand that is sold in over 79 retailers including Bloomingdales and Henri Bendel. How did the brand reach that far, though?

How did Dannijo necklaces reach the necks of Brooklyn Decker and Britney Spears? The answer: crazy hard work, a spoonful of perseverance, and a pinch of Instagram posts and Twitter tweets. As soon as the hashtags became viral on both Instagram and Twitter, so did the brand. The sisters then approached some big retailers in the market, and sooner than they knew, Dannijo has become a multimillion dollar business that is known by almost everybody (in the fashion industry, at least). Today, each of Danielle and Jodie has a combined 34,000 followers on Instagram, while Dannijo has 72,000 followers. Not to mention, the girls are now best friends with supermodels Hillary Rhoda, Coco Rocha, and Brooklyn Decker! (Check out their Instagram pages and you’ll know what I’m talking about)

Using Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter could be one of the smartest ways to enter the fashion industry; whether you want to start discussing fashion related issues through blogging or to promote your brand using #smarthashtags. Social media, and specifically the internet, has definitely had a solid impact on the fashion industry. Countless brands and fashion icons have risen to fame and set the bar high in the fashion world, and that happened not because they had the best products out there, but because they managed to get them pop in your screens, and your newsfeed. So, the next time you think of making a breakthrough in the fashion world, or any other world for that matter, don’t try to think outside the box, tear it up!