Hate My Career: 10 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately

I was once told that, no matter what job you decide to stick to, eventually, it’ll become life-draining. That’s the life-advice I got during my early twenties. Did I take it to heart? Yes, yes I did. I believed it; it seemed logical and hearing all the “let me tell you about this b*tch Sabrina at the office today,” it made sense. I was surrounded by pessimistic corporate-employees and it seemed as if nobody was happy. Obviously now as I’v grown older and wiser, having taken on the entrepreneurial path, I know that it was horrible advice. Almost dumb. Sickening. Because if there is anything that I have learnt till this day, it’s that; if you are doing what you love then you’ll never have to work another day in your life.

Does your job fulfill or energize you, drain you or simply leaves you feeling nothing at all, blank? If you’re leaning towards the last two, then maybe you should try pursuing something else. Now I’m not saying that every job is set out to be your dream job, it’s not. Sometimes you simply have to persevere in order to rise the corporate ladder.

But let’s face it, after a certain period of time, some jobs just aren’t worth the hustle or the effort you’re putting into it. With that being said, how do you know when to give it up, call it quits?

1. Your passion is gone

Sherry Lansing, the CEO of Paramount Pictures’ Motion Picture Group, told the Wall Street Journal that she truly enjoyed much of her time there, but that the role started to become boring after a couple of years. She eventually decided to leave to start a foundation.

2. Your skills aren’t being fully exploited

If you have realized that you might be overqualified for your job, then it’s definitely worth seeing what other opportunities there are out there, either within the company you are in or another. Because if there is no path forward, then you might as well look for another path.

3. Responsibilities have increased, but salary hasn’t

Sounds crazy, but it does happen. You know why? Either due to downsizing or simply because they are taking advantage of you. Either way, drop it and find another career that compensates you fairly.

4. You wake up dwelling over the fact that you’re going to work

If you catch yourself waking up ever morning, complaining and dreading about “how much it sucks to take the subway to work”, then  it’s time to move on – life is too short.

5. Your learning curve has plateaued

Simple. if you aren’t learning anything, find a work-environment that does uplift your skills and polishes your crafts.

 6. The way up the ladder just isn’t appealing enough

Imagine what it would be like at your company five years from now – will it be worth it?

7. You hate what you are doing

As mentioned before, do what you love! I know it sounds corny to a lot of people, but it’s the truth. Don’t spend 12 hours of your day doing something you don’t love. If you’re going to spend half your life on something, let it be something with value.

8. Think you are spending your time fulfilling someone else’s dream

If you are that “rebellious,” believing that you, in fact, are working your ass off to make someone else’s dreams come true, wanting to create your own path, then by all means, do it! Though consider the risks involved.

9. Personal relationships are suffering because of your “career”

It’s not secret that putting in long hours can be rewarding, but it can also drift you away from family and friends. Sometimes it’s just about prioritizing, what are yours?

10. You have figured out your own business and passionately want to pursue it

Go for it!

Picture Credit: Wolf Of Wall Street/Paramount Pictures