The Haute Couture Italian Visionary: Danny Wise

From Gucci and Prada to Louis Vuitton and Chanel, prestigious and esteemed fashion designers have embedded their luxury trademarks into the bricks of every cosmopolitan capital in the world. Glorious establishments have dictated the paths of fashion, deciding what’s in and what’s out, what’s hot and what’s not. All the way from Paris and London to New York and Milan, there are few brands within the fashion industry that anyone can recognize regardless of where they are or what language they speak. These are designers so powerful and so essential, that they shape our personal, social and even professional life, because what you wear and how you wear it dictates whether you’ll make it on the cover of Vogue, whether you’ll get that prestigious job working for Dolce and Gabbana or whether you’ll be accepted in a certain social circle.

These prestigious brands expand to such horizons that they are much more than just designer bags and custom jewels. They have incorporated their logo, their trademark into every aspect of life. We´re talking about everything from automobile and electronic accessories to pencils and even cuisine! These multibillion-dollar empires are the past, present and future and will forever remain on top of the food chain due to their rapid categorized expansion, bridging and unifying every aspect of life into one luxurious and prestigious brand that everyone wants a part of, if they can afford it. So since we´re already traveling the world of fashion, namedropping the most iconic destinations and brands, lets take a walk down the capital of Italian fashion and introduce you to the Italian stallion, the Italian visionary who captures each unique design and tailors it to perfection: Danny Wise.


Danny Wise is no stranger to press. He is the only man in life who has made it on Vogue Magazine, first as a model and then as Designer. Even on the cover of the Los Angeles times, Danny’s genius was celebrated as the man who was able to give wealth to a city that already represents luxury as a daring reality. And the action doesn’t stop there; through his amazing work he´s also been the only Italian, together with Frank Sinatra, to have hade the privilege to accompany the voice of a sole stylist in a Hollywood blockbuster “Cool Crime” and has had the honor to receive a Medal of Merit from the former US president, Ronald Regan, due to his immense talent and contribution to the city of Los Angeles, if you ask me, it really doesn’t get better than that!

“The quality of my work is what I strive for rather than quantity. For a total of three months I traveled the world, searching and penetrating different cultures and cities to find the most prestigious fabrics. For the finest tweeds, I flew to Scotland, for the optimum velvet, I traveled to Germany, for the S-120 Black Diamond, I went to Britain.” Wise uses his sixth sense of fine sensitivity and complexion in order to develop his mind-blowing designs; staggering creations that turn one glance into an extensive stare at what some people might call exquisiteness.

1992 was the year; the Danny Wise collection hit staggering results, showcasing his collection in the most exclusive and elite runways in Italy and around the world, presenting the globe with a combination of sophistication enfolded in classy enigma and sensual designs that capture the most long-sighted eye. Exclusive and luxurious creations that are designed down to the details, capturing a woman’s elegance and sophistication wrapped in the most high end material, bringing out the “immortalization in a woman when combining the soul and body together, which for a brief moment, establishes a feeling of harmony” Wise passionately explains.


When first meeting Wise, he came across as very charming and compassionate. A calm and humble individual that considers his surrounding and friends with great respect and appreciation, which is greatly reflected when he delicately describes that “ it has always been my greatest pleasure to make a woman feel like she´s on top of the world, to make her feel beautiful, unforgettable and secure with the magic she is dressed in. I have the capacity and the sensitivity to make people happy and to me that is worth so much more than all the money in the world.”

It’s Wise’s admiration for natural beauty that creates the foundation for his principle motive, for his calling for fashion, intended not only to create garments to cover a woman’s elegant figure, but also to use them as an expression, as a way of thinking and being. You see, the creativity of Danny Wise turns his image of an ideal woman into a stimulating sexy creature, a touch and feeling of feminine aggression alongside with a dash of elegance shaping his imagination to life, a gospel of refined elegance.

His vision, admiration and devotion to his work has made him outshine the most iconic brands, presenting his work in the most impressive events in the world such as the Academy Awards and Music Awards where stars like; Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and even the former Bond girl, Kim Basinger were dressed with his latest creations.

All in all, Danny Wise is a visionary who has and still is shaping the haute couture across the globe, making a name for himself and changing the rules of the fashion game. Only the best and the most exquisite, Danny Wise never settles for average, and his dedication to elegance cannot be shaken.