Hidden Costs Of Not Following Your Dreams

People like to fill imaginary football stadiums with restaurant leftovers, erect skyscrapers made of unaccounted tax dollars, and stuff warehouses full of environmental waste. Such vivid illustrations are a great tool for bringing a message home. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a clue how many shipping containers it takes to store all the annually abandoned dreams. I bet we would run short of storage quicker than you’d ever guess.

Instead, let’s have a look why there’s ultimately no reason to dump your wildest dreams, so we could just skip the messy math problems for now.


Face it, long down the winding road of life, there’s a huge chance that you’ll fulfill your dreams anyway. True, some dreams might transform into something new, or they might fade away with time. Let’s call these weak dreams. The others are strong dreams. The desires hidden within the strong dreams are so powerful that postponing them won’t make them go away. A strong dream grows with time. Hence, there are no rational reasons to delay the inevitable.

First cost? Time not spent stimulating your growth and self-actualization.


Unfulfilled dreams may quickly grow into bitter resentment of your daily reality and a growing pile of negative feelings; both of which might send you on a speedway towards insurmountable stress. If you follow your dreams, there’s a bigger chance you won’t set yourself up for a painful collision with the life you have created. Don’t make life choices which result in obstacles between you and your highest aspirations.

Second cost? Toxic thoughts and emotions seeping into your life.


Alright, let’s say you have a so-called strong dream. Is it accompanied by a clear vision? Open communication? If yes, add some passion, hard work and diligence into the mix. Then you’ll find that, generally speaking, people can be quite supportive towards fellow dream chasers. Start telling others about your endeavours. Surround yourself with people who understand your vision and feel aligned with your personal values. Never be selfish after finding aid and practical encouragement. Do concentrate on paying it forward.

Third cost? Obvious loss of potential help from others, which could have been used to nourish mutual support and kick start fruitful relationships.


Are you doing stuff you actually believe in? Get ready to experience how your motivation will skyrocket compared to the times you just drag along doing some mundane chores. Working hard to transform the longing thoughts keeping you up at night into a solid reality pumps up your brain’s motivational system. Just keep pushing!

Fourth cost? Motivational pathways in your mind starving for a higher purpose.

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