Hot Vacation Spot: Hotel Central Jakarta

Hotels in the middle of the city offer more than one would bargain for or imagine. One such hotel is the Ayana Mid-plaza Jakarta Hotel. A five-star hotel located in the middle of the busy central business district of Jakarta.

The hotel towers above the other buildings around it and its multi-level facade makes it quite difficult to miss. This city hotel welcomes all within its confines to enjoy the great ambiance and the professional hospitality service provision.

Here is what to expect once you delve behind the beautifully painted walls of the hotel.


Being a five-star hotel, the hotel central Jakarta oozes of luxury right from the reception lobby. It describes itself as an urban sanctuary for your senses. This is a reflection of what to expect once you are inside the hotel.

Inside this hotel is the calmness that the world outside it lacks. It is decorated with strategically located flowers and spotless glass table tops and floor ceiling window totally transparent windows that allow in ample natural light.

It is aesthetically designed with modern interior design that enable you to rest in comfortable couches dotted around the lobby.

Business hotel

Being located in the city means that the largest clientele for this hotel is the many businesses and executives located in the large skyscrapers around it.

To comfortably cater for this target market, the hotel has at least 24 conference spaces. Theses spaces can comfortably hold a large number of conference attendees comfortably.

In the conference rooms are high quality communication systems fully equipped with screens to beam presentations. The hotel provides meals and snacks for all conference attendees at agreed upon intervals.

In addition, the executive part of its restaurant also offers complementary Wi-Fi to allow busy executives finish their work as they unwind.

Executive rooms

The accommodation rooms in this hotel are beautifully designed, spacious and with magnificent views. A minibar is provided in the room for the guests to use at will.

The spacious rooms have large windows that allow natural light in. They allow the guests to wake up to a beautiful view of the city beneath them. With high quality finishes, these rooms minimize the amount of noise that reaches you once ensconced within their comfort.

You can also access Wi-Fi within the room to catch up with loved ones or to finish a work project that you may have carried with you.

Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom is a spacious and custom decorated room that comfortably holds over 1,500 people at a go. It is suitable for company events and social events such as weddings.

It can be decorated according to the tastes and preferences of the current user.

Networking and socialization

The hotel also has several restaurants and bars that guests can meet in after work to socialize and network with peers. You can enjoy happy hour at the numerous bars within the hotel.

Also open on weekends, you can bring the whole family for a nice meal of brunch, lunch or dinner on any day of the weekend.


The Hotel Jakarta is also a great venue for weddings. The grand ballroom is its indoors wedding venue. Here, the wedding party can easily hold both the wedding ceremony and reception.

The hotel also has an outdoor wedding venue. Here guests can enjoy the view of the city as they hold their event under the open skies. With two spacious outdoor spaces, wedding parties can choose any of the sides that they feel is best for them.


The Mid-plaza Jakarta also looks after its client’s health and wellness. It does this by providing a well -equipped gym where guests can exercise.


The five-star hotel Ayana Mid-plaza Jakarta is a beautiful hotel that offers high quality and world class services. It is unique in that it is one of the five-star hotels in the city which is usually a transit point to other hotels in the islands of Indonesia.

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