How Online Slots Have Grown Globally

These days, in the year 2019, online slots are a truly global phenomenon, taking up a vast space in the Internet and also earning many billions for companies across the world. The extent to their reach is truly staggering, you can access online casinos from pretty much any place on the planet, especially if you know your way around Internet firewalls and such. You can play now at Slots Racer to learn more about these brilliant games. 

But it wasn’t always like this, in fact the industry has expanded with such velocity over the last decade that if you wound back the clock even fifteen years, things may be dramatically different. Technology is by far the main driver of change, but it is also down to changing attitudes towards gambling, enabling developers to make games without the fear of government bans. 

The Rise Of The Internet 

Modern human civilization has never seen something as huge and all-encompassing as the Internet. You just cannot argue with that, this phenomenon has completely changed the face of society; we just could not survive without it nowadays. It has been around for a while now, but it is only in the last decade and a half that its potential has been reached.

For instance, in the sphere of online games especially, the loading times before broadband used to be intolerably slow. You could quite conceivably be waiting hours for a game to load, and that just didn’t cut the mustard for many gamblers keen to spin the reels. As technology improved so did Internet speeds, allowing many more people to access online casinos in minimal time. 

The Gambling Act 

In the UK a huge decision by the government to introduce The Gambling Act in 2005 led to a dramatic increase of players, changing the face of the industry. It meant that there was far more regulation involved, but far from a bad thing, this paved the way for an unprecedented increase in advertising – something we are still feeling the effects of today.

Another upside from The Gambling Act was the fact that developers were now obliged to disclose a given slots RTP (Return To Player). This can play a huge part in people’s decisions on whether or not to play slots, and it also makes things look far more legitimate. Other countries also took notice of this; the act really did instigate change across the board. 

Changing Attitudes 

Due to The Gambling Act and an increase in online casino advertising around the world, attitudes to the sector were beginning to change quite considerably. The stigma around online slots was beginning to decrease, and with that the amount of players went up and up. 

Incredible Developers 

A key part of why online slots have grown globally is because of developers striving to make the best games possible every time they design one. Some of the titles around these days by companies such as Yggdrasil or NetEnt are truly amazing, is it really any surprise that the industry continues to grow year on year?