How To Give Yourself A Complete Summer Makeover

Summer is the perfect time to give yourself a completely fresh look and try out a different style. A makeover can help you look and feel fabulous and confident, so you can truly enjoy the warm summer months ahead. Here are some of the best ways to give yourself a new look this summer. 

Try out a new hairstyle

Changing your hairstyle can instantly transform your look, and a new flattering style can instantly boost your self-confidence. Shorter hairstyles are popular during the summer, as they help you feel more comfortable during the hot sticky weather. Highlights are also a great way to give your hair a brighter and more summery look. Check out sites like Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration on new hairstyles. You can make use of search engine tools from Oberlo to find similar images and then take these along to the hairdresser to show them the new hairstyle you are hoping to achieve.

Treat yourself to a new summer wardrobe 

Summer is the perfect time to shop for a few new clothing items. As the weather gets warmer, ditch your dark heavy winter clothing, in favor of bright, colorful items like skirts, shorts, and flowy tops. This will get you in a summery mood and help you feel more comfortable during the hot weather. Maxi dresses are a great option for summer as they are cute, flattering, and can easily be dressed up or down for evening or day wear. Make sure you also buy some summer accessories like a sun hat, beach bag, and sunglasses. Take a look at this article for some summer wardrobe essentials.

Give yourself a summer glow 

Nothing quite says summer like a beautiful bronze glow. Lying out in the sun for hours can be extremely damaging, leading to premature signs of aging and skin cancer. Fortunately, you can easily achieve a sunless glow with the help of self-tan formulas. You can use a gradual tanning lotion to slowly build up a tan, or apply a wash-off formula to give your skin an instant bronze glow. Using a bronzing body lotion containing a bit of shimmer can also help improve the appearance of your skin as the shimmer causes the light to bounce off, giving your skin a smoother look. You can check out some of the best home self-tanners by clicking here.

Switch up your beauty products 

Many people swap their heavy duty makeup for light versions during the summer. This may include switching thick foundation for a tinted moisturizer and opting for a lip balm instead of a lipstick. The same goes for your skin care products. Make sure you choose lighter formulas during the summer months to avoid having an oily complexion. You should also get your skin looking its best for summer by exfoliating regularly and applying nourishing treatments like face masks. Visit a beauty counter to try out new products and find some ideas to upgrade your makeup and skin care routine. Many beauty stores have makeup artists on hand to give advice and most will even give you a mini-makeover if you ask. You can also look for tutorials on places like YouTube to look for inspiration for a new makeup style to try out this summer.