How to Go Beyond the Obvious on Your Travels

When you’re heading off to a new country, there are many wondrous experiences in store, and often nowhere near enough time to enjoy everything that even a small place has to offer. Trying to decide what to do is often down to recommendations from other travellers who’ve recorded their tips for the best things to see and do in a particular location. 

This can be a great way to get an introduction to a new country, but on the other hand, you are just going to be doing what thousands of other people have done before you. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, you need to think about seeing your destination in a whole new light.


Every place you visit will have a sporting heritage of some kind because sports are a universal human experience. Depending on where you go, you might be able to attend a soccer match, for example, or even take part in a casual game yourself. What’s so fascinating about this is seeing what aspects are the same as in your home country, and how these worldwide sports differ elsewhere.

Golf is another sport that’s played in many different countries, and if you play golf, it’s worth finding out about the courses that will be local to you on your trip. You might not want to take your full kit with you, so select some key clubs like the PXG 0211 and take a basic set. You’ll face some unique challenges in the most stunning surroundings, and get a real feel for how the game is played in that part of the world.

Get off the beaten track

Getting off the beaten track is great, but there are some places where getting away from the tourist areas isn’t such a good idea, so make sure you take note of the advice given by your home country as to where you can wander and where you shouldn’t. If you can go exploring, take a look at a map of the area, and see where there are features that don’t have tourist facilities attached to them. You might find a secluded beach with virtually no-one else there, or hidden rivers and lakes where you’ve got a better chance of spotting some native flora and fauna.

Visit the small towns and villages

Some of the smaller towns and villages give you a much more representative picture of life in the country you’re exploring, and you can often find some exceptional places to eat in quiet backwater locations. You can also talk to local people without the buzz and commercialism of the larger towns and cities, where so many locals earn their living from tourism.

Seeing both the familiar and the new when you’re overseas can give you a fascinating perspective on the culture of the region you’re in. There are good reasons why some tourist spots are must-sees when you’re away, after all, who wouldn’t want to see the Colosseum if they were in Rome, for example? But finding time to go your own way can also be incredibly rewarding.

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