How’s Being An Asshole Working Out For You?

So you want to be an asshole huh?!

We’ve all met them; the angry clerk, the pushy sales man, the jerk that doesn’t have the time of day to help you find what you’re looking for, the cashier who wants nothing more than her shift to be over and the person who has a less than desirable attitude and wants to blame it on somebody and that somebody just happens to be you. How does it make you feel as a consumer? Completely worthless, judged, condemned, angry, frustrated, and just plain pissed off.  Normally so pissed off you want to leave, take a rain check, or never come back.  The consequences of being an asshole are you lose business, get a bad rap, and thousands, sometimes millions of dollars in revenue are washed down the drain.

Assholes rarely get raises.  Although they get noticed (as assholes that is) they rarely ever get the attention they desire.  They are remembered as rude, demanding, and are talked about for days.

So how can you kill your inner asshole?  Before you tell me you don’t have one let me be clear; we all do!

Greet People

This is a first and lasting impression. A simple, and genuine hi or hello sets the tone for the entire experience.  Customers in today’s technology driven world are willing to pay more to receive higher levels of service then they have ever been before.  They have little patience to stand in line or wait on the phone for more than a couple minutes.  They hate automated systems, and corny outdated songs.  And, they are unwilling to compromise on the level of service they expect from you as the service provider.

Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential in business transactions and personal relationships.  People want to know that you are paying attention, actually care, and are interested in what they are saying.

Stop Judging

I’ve met people who look broke yet have millions. And then I’ve met broke people who act and dress like they have millions when they barely have anything at all.  No one wants to be judged or condemned for their personal appearance.  No one wants to be told what they can and cannot afford.  While you might think you know a lot about a person based on their personal appearance unless you’ve taken the time to actually get to know them their appearance could be deceiving. Today we have a tendency to judge and in doing so we lose opportunities, money, and it can cost us relationships.  This is far too high of a price to pay to not take the time to truly get to know someone instead of basing your judgments on their appearance alone.

Smile, Converse, Laugh

You’ve heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine.”  It truly is. Laugh like kids and enjoy the moment.  This enjoyment will rub off on far more people than you realize. Let me give you an example: I was traveling and happened to stop at a grocery store I had never been to.  As I proceeded to the checkout there were only a few lines open.  I happened to be in the one where the cashier started with “Hey ladies I wanted to let you know we don’t accept credit cards, as the machine isn’t working.”  To which I quickly replied in a joking manner “this is our first time here, that isn’t the best way to start off but don’t worry we are cash paying customers.”  The cashier happened to be the store manager who had been there for decades.  He told stories, reminisced, joked, laughed, and it was a memorable transaction.  Even though it was lengthier then other transactions I’ve been involved with at the grocery store.  To make our experience one we would never forget, he had someone jump on the register for him and ended up bagging, and carrying our groceries to the car, unloading them himself, and still conversing he made sure we would be a repeat customer.  This transaction was simple, effective, and took no more than 10 minutes, but those 10 minutes were imperative to the growth of his company.

Level of Service & Cordial Interactions

The level of service you provide your customers is everything. It drives business, increases loyalty, creates word of mouth marketing, and makes you stand out in today’s marketplace.  No one wants to deal with an asshole, no one wants to remembered as an asshole, and no one certainly wants to go out of business because their staff were assholes.

As you go through the year think about killing your inner asshole and stepping into your potential. Think about treating others the way they should be treated.  Most importantly use the following three steps to boost your brand and business:

Over Promise – Get Results

Overcommit – Get Rewarded

Over Deliver – Get Referrals