How To Hustle Your Way To The Top

What does Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison all have in common? What do successful billionaires share that makes them so goddamn good at what they do? How come some people make it from the bottom, all the way to the top in such a fashion that it almost seems more like a miracle or out of mere luck? They Hustle!

These visionaries, who set the standards for success and triumphs, didn’t just sit on a couch, listening to self-help audio books or liking Facebook pages, they got their asses up and knocked on every single door they came across. They went after every opportunity; they sacrificed comfort and replaced it with grind for the sake of success.

Hustling is the magical word that opens up all doors. It’s the most essential qualification you’ll need to make it in life. Now some would argue that the whole work-life balance is important and that hustling ruins your personal life. Guess what? When our ancestors were running down the freaking Amazon, hunting down Gorillas, their personal life wasn’t their number one priority. They sacrificed that comfort; turning on the beast mode, using their survival instinct to maximizing their potential to succeed.

Hustling isn’t really an option, it really isn’t. It’s not like the overall human standard is average and hustling is only an option for those who wish to take that extra mile. Hustling is the norm, we’re built to perform at the highest level and achieve grand ambitions. Every single one of us has the potential to make shit happen, everyone has a dream, a passion and a goal they want to achieve. Now we can let society poison us and make us believe that things are impossible OR we just follow our guts and fight until we see our dreams come true.

Why Hustle?

When was the last time derivatives helped you land a deal? Tell me more about the time knowing who wrote Hamlet led you to make a million dollars. See my point? Formal education, high school and the whole college routine can only help you so far, but when it really comes to it, if you don’t become street smart and learn the rules of the game by getting your hands dirty, you’re as good as a 300 page thesis that no one reads – ever.

You’re full of mind-blowing knowledge that is simply irrelevant to real life conditions. Successful people have the good habit of going out of their way to complement their education with business savvy or street education and salesmanship to become well rounded and relevant at all times. Hustling will offer you that missing lesson you were never taught in a classroom. Hustling will teach you that while playing by the rules is how you should proceed, it might not always work. Hustling will show you that getting an F doesn’t really mean you’ve failed, but that you’ve learned a lesson and progressed in the right direction. Hustling will clarify that people are not understood through books or articles, but are decrypted through face-to-face interactions, body language and background checks. Education will get you a job, hustling will make you a fortune.

How To Hustle

Now when I say hustling, I don’t mean working endless hours, going to a bunch of meetings and working blindly until you burn out. Hustling is all about being smart, sharp and on point. You should know how to allocate your time and efforts. Knock on the right doors, connect with relevant people and follow opportunities that will further your path and bring you closer to your goals.

When To Hustle

Hustling takes a lot of guts and effort, so considering how we’ll be burnt out by our 50s, capitalize on your “youthfulness”! While you’re young, curious, hungry and slightly crazy, try to exploit every ounce of energy you have. Live your early life like no other so that you can spend the rest of your life like no one can. It’s as simple as that. When you’re still able to recover from a knee injury, when you call pull all-nighters five times a week, when you can run a marathon under four hours, that’s when it’s time to invest in the foundations of your future.

Hustle Like a Muscle

Hustling is very much like (may sound a little corky) bodybuilding. You have to push the limits of your muscles, going through tons of pain all while keeping a committed and disciplined schedule. The result? A greater body, lean muscles and a shape everyone would die for (coming with other certain benefits). If you can manage to expand your potential and capabilities, if you can take on hit after hit, surviving through failures and criticism, you’re set for a glorious end result.

At the end of the day, no one ever makes it far without pulling out the big guns. Our days on this polluted planet are numbered. We’re not immortals and we can’t request deadline extensions when it comes to our lives. All we can do is make every day, every hour and every minute count. How to do that? Exploit the hell out of every second to make sure it goes into building a brighter and better future.

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