Why You Should Increase Your Coefficient Of Optimism

There are a bunch of people who have never heard  of the “Coefficient Of Optimism, even though it´s right there in front of them. With that being said, it is so important and essential  for you to develop and increase it, in order for you, in order for us to go far in life.

The coefficient of optimism is based on something we all carry with us (to some extent), trust. In the believe  that everything will be alright. In the confidence that you are the best, the smartest, the sexiest and the one that makes everything better. In other words, it is based on self-confidence.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people who seem to get everything right? It is true, they drive to the mall and find the perfect parking place right next to the entrance. They travel and don´t have a single problem with luggage, hotel checkins or anything else! Meanwhile, other people seem to get everything wrong. They never find their desired parking-space, when they travel, their luggage gets either stolen or lost in the airport and of-course their “reserved” hotel room is now occupied.

Well all these things are related with the coefficient of optimism. The level of optimism in all the situations we face in our daily lives. If you dont believe me,  even astronauts have to pass several tests to measure their “coefficient of optimism”, and it’s quite logical. I mean, imagine rocketing into space with an astronaut who keeps on making dumb, negative and un-optmistik comments about what “might” happen. “This is going to fail”, “Whats that sound?” – you would be dead before take-off…

Its all about optimism! Its even scientifically proven that what ever your mind focuses on, gets automatically attracted to ones self. You still don’t believe me? Ever notice when you had to walk with crutches, you magically started seeing more people with crutches. Or when your mother tells you to take the trash out, you automatically hear “tell your brother to take the trash out”. This happens because our minds sees and hears only what we want to be seen and heard.

So how can we take advantage of this “super” ability? Do we just let it go and let our imagination run free or do we use it strategically? If your into letting your imagination run free, you might as well stop reading. SO, It´s really easy: Start focusing solely on the positive aspects of your life. Start focusing on the things you want to happen and change by being optimistic and seeing the positive sides of any situation. If you concentrate on good objectives, you´ll begin to see that, gradually, good things will happen, and you might even find that perfect parking-spot.

Get used to seeing the bright side of everything, and turning that “negative situation” into a positive one. Keep that optimism flowing in order to reach your desired goal no matter what. If your facing something difficult, start by visualizing yourself success, triumph yourself into believing that you will, in fact, succeed – let become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once you start getting used to this mentality, creating a habit of positive and optimistic thinking, your chance of succeeding will double in no time!

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