Space Exploration: India Successfully Taking Over Mars

Now before you jump off your seat thinking this is yet another racist joke, let me explain. Indians are cheap, in fact, they’re so cheap they even beat the Chinese to it, and I’m not talking about a lifestyle here, but about Space Exploration.

Yes, India successfully put a spacecraft in orbit around Mars in an accomplishment only the US, Europe and Russia managed to do achieve. The twist is, while the US spends over half a billion dollars on its Mars mission, India managed to build the Mangalyaan, or “Mars craft”, for only a fraction of the cost: $74 Million to be exact, which is just 11% of what the US spends on similar inter-planetary missions.

Indians are awesome; from having the best chicken curry out there, building cutting edge tech and electronics to generating some of the most efficient engineering systems, India seems to really put its 1.2 Billion people to good use.

“History has been created today. We have dared to reach out into the unknown and have achieved the near impossible.” – India PM

In today’s world, being the best is not enough, you have to be the best using the smallest amount of resources and money. China and India have been pioneering the low cost industry for long, but while many believe they are just good at producing toothbrushes and toys at 2 cents a piece, today we’re seeing another face of that industrial and efficient giant: high tech for a penny even when it comes to conquering the galaxy.

Congratulations India, you guys really pulled it off this time!

Photo Credit: Universe Today