Investors Rejoice: Become a Citizen of Cyprus With the Help of D.A. Frangos Agency

We wake up everyday to news of fresh attacks, conflicts, bans, fraud, and it seems that no region is immune. From the turbulent Middle East to the increasingly xenophobic USA, there seems to be nowhere safe to live or do business in. Luckily, a select number of safe and stable countries are offering an opportunity that couldn’t come at a better time: Residency or citizenship programs for investors looking for peace of mind.

If you’re looking at a strategically located country between Europe, Africa and Asia, with a low tax rate, one of the best visa-free travel arrangements, safe and stable, and one of the best when it comes to speed and efficiency with regards to government transactions and licenses, then you’re in luck! The key word here is Cyprus, the sunny Mediterranean nation that has long been a paradise for tourists, but is now looking to transform into a hub for seekers of a premium second passport.

We had a chance to speak to the leading authority expert when it comes to all things Cyprus, and it’s none other than the D.A. Frangos Agency Ltd, a family owned company that specializes in immigration services in Cyprus. The driving force behind this successful venture is the CEO Dimitris Frangou, whose 20 years of experience in the industry has driven the company to become among the most successful in its field.

The firm has been steadily assisting a clientele from China, Russia and Lebanon mainly, but the growing concerns in the Middle East and the geopolitical risks for businesses have driven a marked increase in interest coming from the UAE, Jordan and Oman among others. While other nations are not the most welcoming when it comes to visitors from the Middle East, Cyprus on the other hand has been conducting an open arm policy to welcome people interested in its residency and citizenship programs.

Cyprus nationals especially have been supportive of this government initiative because it brings much needed capital and investments, and helps boost the local economy and local property markets. In 2016 alone, bank deposits in Cypriot banks amounted to 3 Billion Euros, while investments in Real Estate rose 43% in the same year. The flow of investors seeking residency and citizenship programs also left its mark on the local landscape, with new places of worship for different nationalities being erected on Cypriot grounds, and different architectural edifices blossoming across the country.


It goes without saying that, the EU status of Cyprus makes its passport and residency programs all the more attractive, allowing beneficiaries of its investor program to travel visa free to 157 countries around the world.

But what makes D.A. Frangos Agency remarkable is its family feel, assisting clients in everything from airport pickup to birthday party arrangements. Whether you need a license to start a business, or need to open a bank account, D.A. Frangos Agency carefully arranges everything so that all you have to worry about is the colour of the suit you need when you go for your company’s opening ceremony. Clients of D.A. Frangos Agency also recall how, even after getting their citizenship in Cyprus, the company still checked on them and assisted them in any capacity they could. The client is treated as a family friend, not as a paycheque.

If you have been thinking of acquiring a premium citizenship or residency in a country that knows the value of investors, offers year-round sunshine and welcomes foreigners with open arms, then make sure you head to Cyprus, and let D.A. Frangos Agency be your captain in this exciting journey.

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